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NHMRC investigator grants - over $40m awarded to Monash MNHS researchers

The coronavirus is less than four months old, and while most of the world’s scientists are working on developing a vaccine, the bottom line is that we simply don't yet know enough about how it works.

Loosening restrictions now is not a good idea

Loosening COVID-19 restrictions

Monash University’s Dr James McMahon, an infectious disease expert and hospital clinician at The Alfred and Monash Health, is leading the development of a biobank aimed at cracking the immunity code of COVID-19.

We never considered abandoning our posts

Fourth year Monash University medical student, Emma Whittington is one of nine students who all chose to continue their studies in Swan Hill in an effort to boost the local health workforce in the face of COVID-19.

Old habits die hard

Pandemic-induced stress can result in the return of unhealthy behaviours, but there are ways to minimise the effects.

Image: The complexities of trauma and memory

True or false: The complexities of trauma and memory

Although we may think of our memories as a data bank that we can retrieve and play back, the reality is more slippery and complex.

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