General Tips

  1. Your time on placement can sometimes feel unrelated to exam study. However, your time there with a range of health professionals, patients and their families will help you pick up skills that books can’t give you.
  2. Talk about which topics and skills you need to learn. Teams will help you get things signed off if you ask nicely, and exam stress can be alleviated if you’re able to spend time chatting about challenging  topics that might be in an exam rather than just reading up on them. You’ll end up remembering much more!
  3. Procedural skills are scary to put into practice the first few times- for everyone! No one starts out slick and magical,for example never missing a vein. Accept that failure is okay and each attempt teaches you how to be better the next time. A lot of the stress comes from knowing what you need for a procedure and doing everything in the right order. It’s okay to ask someone to show you the equipment and process again away from the patient so that you feel more comfortable when you go in there.
  4. Exams sometimes seem like the be-all-end-all. Make TO DO LISTS and tackle it gradually. Team up with friends - meet once a week and each present a small topic with some questions you came up with at the end of it. Agree to do a certain practice exam and mark it together. Make it fun and bring snacks/talk about placement! This is a good time to chill out with friends while feeling productive.
  5. Make time for hobbies and seeing friends, especially on weekends. If you study 24/7 you will be so overwhelmed that your stress will stop you being productive. While uni is a big part of your life, it shouldn’t BE your life and you should create separation between the two. This will help you stay healthier as a person.
  6. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, talk to people you trust and student services. Avoid bottling your feelings, try meditation and mindfulness, get your own GP and seek professional help if you need. Almost everyone feels this way at some point, so never feel ashamed or like it is just you.