Values and vision

Monash University Values

Monash University is committed to the highest quality in teaching, learning, research, and a wide range of professional and community activities. The university believes in the value of free and rational inquiry, and in the pursuit of knowledge as a key to understanding and improvement of the human condition. Monash students and its graduates are spirited and ready to take the initiative – they are self-reliant, egalitarian, contemporary and international in perspective1.

Faculty Values

The Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences highlights:

  • its expectation of high standards of ethical behaviour from its staff and students, and
  • the importance of embracing the principles of equity, egalitarianism and diversity.

Faculty Vision

The Faculty is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in research and teaching. It aspires to leadership in all areas of research activity, and advocacy for policy – locally, nationally and internationally – to improve health and social outcomes and health inequalities.

The Faculty is committed to maintaining Monash University as a leading international medical research university, recognised for the breadth and depth of its research, for its opportunities and commitment to postgraduate training, and as a thriving biotechnology hub.

The Faculty is committed to the translation of our biomedical and public health research to health outcomes in partnership with our affiliated health care facilities and Medical Research Institutes.

The Faculty is also committed to the internationalisation of research and teaching scholarship, and to knowledge generation, management and dissemination, producing graduates that embody the values of the Faculty and the University.

The Faculty supports a management style that promotes autonomy and accountability.