About the Victorian Heart Hospital

The Victorian Heart Hospital will provide a dedicated cardiac hospital to improve health outcomes for people with – or at risk of – heart disease, drive clinical and high-value med-tech innovation, and deliver significant community health and economic benefits to Victoria.

Most importantly, the Victorian Heart Hospital will dramatically increase access to world-leading cardiology services.

Operated by Monash Health, and backed by the state government, the Victorian Heart Hospital will service the increasing needs of Melbourne’s booming south-east, and be available to all Victorians in need of critical, potentially life-saving cardiac treatment.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will be part of Monash Health’s network of services including Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital and Kingston Centre.

Located within the Monash University campus, and less than 2.5 kilometres from Monash Health’s Monash Medical Centre, the Victorian Heart Hospital will also play a significant role within the thriving Clayton Innovation Precinct, integrating clinical and scientific resources and expertise, accelerating the development of new devices and therapies, improving patient care, and strengthening Victoria’s growing medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Within the first five years of operation it’s expected the new hospital will deliver nearly $400 million in economic benefit to the Victorian community. More than $110 million of this will occur as a direct result of the hospital being co-located at Monash University.

Key benefits

Improved outcomes and experiences for cardiac patients – co-location of the world’s best cardiovascular care, research and training will result in advances in patient care.

Dynamic research, knowledge and innovation – the Victorian Heart Hospital partnership will drive Victorian innovation, support the development of world-class research, training and education programs and attract leading researchers and clinicians from across the world.

Significant ongoing economic benefits – the project will have a major economic impact on Victoria through hospital construction and ongoing employment, procurement, research and teaching.

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Monash Technology Precinct

The VHH will be based in the Monash Technology Precinct. Explore some of they key infrastructure of the precinct by clicking on the interactive map below.