LabArchives: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

What is an ELN?

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) is a digital platform that is designed to replace traditional paper research notebooks with a secure version and improved research workflow.

The University's ELN platform is LabArchives. The Professional Edition is now freely available to all Monash research staff and research students.

Use of LabArchives in Graduate Research

All new Graduate  Research students commencing from 1st January 2016 and their respective supervisors will be required to adopt the use of LabArchives to replace their paper notebooks.

All students are required to keep a record of  meetings with their supervisor(s).
Supervisors are strongly encouraged to review the meeting notes and sign-off on them.

A meeting template (widget) has been created and is available for use. Please see the PDF below for instructions on how to access this template in your LabArchives Notebook  and how to use it.

LabArchives ELN Guidelines

All students and researchers are encouraged to review the LabArchives ELN Guidelines prior to use of LabArchives. These guidelines serve to provide researchers, students and staff with a set of standards on best practices for research data management when using LabArchives simply and effectively.

LabArchives online Basic Training (myDevelopment)

LabArchives basic training is now available  online as a Moodle unit and can be completed at your own pace and convenience.

This training is suitable for ALL new  Users to the platform who wish to learn how to start an account, set-up their electronic notebook(s) and learn how to use the basic features.

All new graduate research students are expected  to complete the online LabArchives basic training using the FMNHS LabArchives  Training Moodle Unit.

This will count for 2 hours in your myDevelopment. The Faculty will retain a completion record once you have finished  the training unit and have completed the survey.

In order to start the training, please go to the FMNHS LabArchives Training Moodle Unit and self-enrol using the appropriate enrolment key from the table.

RoleSelf-enrolment key
MNHS student*MNHSstudent1

If you are having any issues or would like  further support with the Moodle Unit, please contact the Research and Graduate Research Project Coordinator (

Resources and Support

For information on  how to create an account and access training materials, please refer to the:

For assistance with the platform, please  contact:
ELN Support Team -
Research and Graduate Research Project Coordinator -
LabArchives Support Team -