Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets four times per year and provides two-way communication between the staff and students of the faculty and the Dean, Faculty Executive, Faculty Board and central University.

Role of the Committee

Monash University has a number of Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committees that report through the Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Coordinating committee to the University Council, and through other reporting lines to the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor's Group. The FMNHS Diversity and Inclusion Committee provides a two-way channel of communication on Diversity and Inclusion issues between staff and students of the faculty, the Dean, Faculty Board, and other University committees.

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion committee has developed its own terms of reference (see below).

Terms of Reference of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

  • To report to the Dean of the Faculty and to Faculty Board on University diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and programs that will enable the Faculty to provide equal opportunity in employment and education
  • To advise on policy, objectives and programs concerning all equity, access and diversity matters within the Faculty
  • To develop and implement strategies to assist Faculty in meeting equity, access and diversity objectives
  • To promote effective communication and understanding of the principles of equity, access and diversity throughout the Faculty
  • To identify issues in equity, access and diversity that are of particular relevance to medical and health sciences education, research and administration in the Faculty
  • To disseminate information and monitor progress on equity, access and diversity issues throughout the Faculty

Committee Members

  • Professor Charlotte Rees (Chair)
  • Professor Kim Cornish
  • Mr Tim Stephens
  • Dr Alex McKnight
  • Ms Andrea Paul
  • Dr Bernadette Saunders
  • Dr Carol Hodgson
  • Dr Catherine Huggins
  • Mr Charanjit Singh
  • Dr Clare Westhorpe
  • Professor David Jans
  • Ms Diana Kimberley
  • Professor Ellie Fossey
  • Ms Melissa McNicole
  • Dr Jacqueline Boyle
  • Dr Jane Bourke
  • Ms Janet Hamilton (alternate Andrea Paul)
  • Ms Jodie Vickers
  • Dr John Boyce (alternate Mohammed Mohideen)
  • Dr Karen Adams
  • Mr Kon Konidaris
  • Dr Laura Jobson
  • Dr Margaret Simmons
  • Dr Rowan Ogeil
  • Dr Sayed Wahidi (ex officio member)
  • Dr Selena Costa-Pinto
  • Ms Natasha Juchkov (student representative)
  • Mrs Jennifer Eborall (Social Justice Unit representative)
  • Ms Natalie Czerniawski (Social Justice Unit representative)