Industry Engagement

We recognises the importance of research and industry collaboration to discovering new opportunities and solving global issues. We also believe there’s more to great graduate research students than excellent technical skills alone. That’s why we offer industry engagement opportunities designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to work in interdisciplinary teams and create innovative solutions for industry-posed challenges.

Our graduate research students are able to gain experience in solving real-world problems through industry internship programs or as part of our Graduate Research Industry Programs (GRIPs).

Graduate Research Industry Programs (GRIPs)

GRIPs bring together graduate researchers (PhD students) and academic leaders from various fields with external partners to explore an issue of global significance. GRIPs involving Monash Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences include:

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PhD Research Internships

PhD research internships offer you the opportunity to apply your research skills by working on short-term research projects in industry.

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Industry Mentoring

Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS)

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences has partnered with IMNIS to offer mentee places to students and ECRs interesting in pursuing a career in industry.

With IMNIS, Australia's future STEM leaders engage with industry, extend their professional network, strengthen their interpersonal skills and business acumen, and gain professional skills and attributes to lead and excel. Mentees learn what it takes to success in any part of the STEM ecosystem, gain a better understanding of how industry works and learn about career opportunities in other professional sectors.

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Bridging the gap: Industry Education

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences offers a number of education opportunities for students to learn more about, and engage with industry.

Professional Development Training
MNHS: From Project to Product: This 6-week module consists of a series of workshops and out of session research activities that introduces students to the initial stages of translating research discoveries into products, such as drugs or applications that can help improve human health.

Coursework Offerings
Translational Medicine Courses: The course modules offer training in discipline-specific laboratory and clinical research, intellectual property, and pathways for clinical applications. Students learn from experts based in Monash’s rich network of industry, clinical and research partnerships and have access to quality data sources and research platforms.

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