Awards & Grants

We are committed to enabling you to make the most of interesting opportunities whenever possible and celebrating your success as you complete your graduate research. The grants and awards listed below are offered in addition to graduate research scholarships.

It is possible that an individual graduate is nominated for more than one type of awards!

Current students and staff can also visit Monash Graduate Research Office intranet (funding opportunities for students) for more information.

Travel Grants

At some point in your research career, you will almost certainly get the chance to meet with the leading thinkers in your field. We want to make sure you can take up that opportunity – no matter where in the world it arises.

Travel grants can be used to cover airfares and travel related expenses such as taxes and conference registration fees when you present at seminars and conferences or conduct fieldwork and research outside your home campus.

For more information and how to apply, see Graduate Research Handbooks (Studying Away).

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Vice-Chancellor’s International Inter-campus PhD Travel Grant

This travel grant enables our PhD students to visit offshore Monash campuses such as Monash University Australia, Monash University Malaysia, Monash University Prato Centre and the IITB-Monash Research Academy. This is an exciting opportunity for you to meet and collaborate with like-minded researchers and to develop your own global research network!

Current students can access the application guideline and form via Monash Graduate Research Office - Vice-Chancellor’s International Inter-campus PhD Travel Grant

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Emergency Loans and Grants

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for the Student Emergency Grants Scheme (SEGS).

This grant is for students whose financial situation is jeopardising their ability to continue their studies. Money provided through a grant can be used for essential living expenses, course materials or other unexpected expenses, and does not have to be paid back.

We also offer a student loans scheme for those facing difficulties that will affect their study.

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Postgraduate Publication Awards

The preparation and publication of papers arising from your research findings is a crucial component of your research training. You need to get the message out for your ideas and efforts to have an impact on the world.

To help make that happen, our Postgraduate Publications Awards (PPA) provide a living allowance for up to 8 weeks for research students whose theses are under examination and need time to write articles or books based upon their work.

Current students and staff can access guidelines and the nomination form via Monash Graduate Research Office – Postgraduate Publication Awards

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Thesis Excellence

When our research students' contributions have a profound impact, they deserve recognition.

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Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision

Monash is home to many internationally renowned researchers and a diverse research community.

As part of your graduate research degree, you will work with at least two research-active supervisors whose knowledge and experience will guide you through your research journey.

Awards for Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision are a unique opportunity to acknowledge our outstanding supervisors. Winners of this prestigious award are recognised for their excellence in teaching, mentoring, leadership and their research track record. Past winners are also encouraged to contribute to the development of other Monash supervisors.

Our dedication to continually improving and recognising the importance of excellent research supervision ensures that our graduate research students work with some of Australia's finest supervisors.