Physiotherapy careers

Glenn Miliken knows about hurdles - he’s had to jump a few of them -  in pursuing his dream of becoming a physiotherapist. While he didn’t get the score he needed to study physiotherapy straight from high school, Glenn persevered to achieve his goal. His dedication has paid off and he is now a grade 1 physiotherapist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Physios, like Glenn, can make a real difference to a patient’s life and their recovery. Whether it’s helping someone walk after a lung transplant, or re-learn everyday activities following a stroke, physiotherapists and can make a big impact in a short amount of time.

Watch Glenn’s video below to discover how he changed his future, and is helping create new opportunities for indigenous allied health graduates.

Discover careers in physiotherapy

With a Monash degree in physiotherapy, you can pursue a range of exciting careers, including:

  • Physiotherapist: Physios are experts in movement, function and health. They play a key role in a patient's recovery - whether it be from an illness, injury or a lifelong condition and often work as part of a team, alongside doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals. Physiotherapists can specialise in an area of practice, including cardiorespiratory, continence and women’s health, musculoskeletal, neurological, paediatrics and sports physiotherapy.
  • Health services manager: Effective management and operations are crucial to the success of a health service and the outcomes of their patients. If you aspire to a leadership position and want to be part of helping shape the strategy, becoming a health services manager will allow you to make changes at an operational level.
  • Allied health researcher: Research is critical for advancing knowledge and practice in physiotherapy, and this leads to improved outcomes for patients. After completing your bachelor's degree, your next step towards a career in research is completing a graduate research degree.

Looking for a career where you can make a difference worldwide? Did you know Australian physiotherapy graduates are able to apply to work in the UK?

Areas you could work in:

  • Aged care
  • Allied health services
  • Private practice
  • Public and private hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Sports medicine clinics

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