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Halfway through a commerce degree, Roxanne Tan discovered her passion lay in food. She changed her planned career pathway and completed our Bachelor of Nutrition Science in 2016. With her commerce background, Roxanne was particularly interested in how food businesses operate.

After graduating, Roxanne started her nutrition career as a nutritionist with Simplot Australia, a leading food manufacturer. Food industry nutritionists like Roxanne help influence the food supply chain from the inside out and create healthier products that consumers can easily purchase. It’s a diverse role, with lots of variety – where Roxanne shares her nutrition insights with the business, influences product development and ensures Simplot brand products are compliant with regulations.

Watch Roxanne’s story below to discover how she realised a career as a food industry nutritionist was for her, and how she’s making an impact on community health.

Discover careers in nutrition

With a Monash degree in nutrition science, you can pursue a range of exciting careers, including:

  • Dietitian: Dietitians apply the science of nutrition to treating patients, typically working in healthcare services. You’ll need to complete a Master of Dietetics after your bachelor’s degree to qualify as an accredited dietitian.
  • Food technologist: Food technologists create new products or work to improve existing ones, through research, development and trials.
  • Food industry nutritionist: Food industry nutritionists apply their knowledge to impact the food supply at a large scale by influencing the nutrition of new products.
  • Health promotion program officer: Roles within health promotion programs are typically responsible for developing programs or activities that educate and engage people within a community to improve their nutrition and live a healthier life.
  • Nutrition researcher: There’s a growing need to understand how food and diet impacts health and disease – and researchers play a key role in leading new knowledge. After completing your bachelor’s degree, your next step towards a career in nutrition research is completing an honour’s year.

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