Where to go for help for Bullying & harassment

Mental Health 

    Counselling Work through a problem with a counsellor. Students can access face to face or teleheath appointments. After hours services are also available

    Online mental health resources Source a range of app-based interactive programs to be used in every day situations

    Mindfulness There are many benefits of mindfulness such as managing stress, managing academic performance and many more. Find out more about the programs and resources.

    Anxiety Everyone experiences anxiety at certain challenging time. However, it is a problem when it becomes sustained. Lots of resources here to help you look after yourself

    Eating Disorders A self assessment tool to complete and discuss with your GP

    Depression Help and tools to support students

Other resources

    Procrastination Everyone procrastinates at some time in their life. It becomes a problem when that becomes the norm. Tips to help you work through procrastination.

    Sleep Tips here to help you get a good night’s sleep

    Self esteem Low self esteem can be a barrier to study and getting the most out of a placement. Helpful tips to build your self esteem

Study Support

MonTRACK Student support services from students and staff

Study coaching  Book a study coaching session online