Unsatisfactory academic progress

Coursework students within the faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences have their progress reviewed at the end of each main semester. This review triggers set procedures and intervention strategies aimed at assisting students ‘at risk’ of unsatisfactory course progress:

Related legislation

Part 4, Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations
Exclusion for unsatisfactory progress regulations or inability to progress

Related documents
Faculty Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Guidelines

Early Warning Letters

Early warning letters are sent at the completion of the study period to students who have failed 50% or more of their enrolled units in the previous standard semester. The early warning letter contains: a warning that progress is not satisfactory, the reasons why it is not satisfactory (i.e. relevant unsatisfactory progress criteria), and it advises the student to seek academic and course advice.

Intervention for mid-year commencing student at risk after completing two semesters of study

Students who commenced their studies mid year have their progression reviewed before they have completed three semesters of study. This review must be implemented (as a minimum) after semester one for students who:

  • commenced mid-year in the previous year and
  • who have completed two semesters of study and
  • who have failed 50% or more of their enrolment.

A mid year intervention letter is sent to these students, asking them to meet with the course convenor to review their progress.

Other preventative measures recommended to students are:

  • Contacting the course convenor, unit coordinator, lecturer or tutor to discuss study difficulties. These staff members can assist students in identifying problem areas and explore the options available to students in that course.
  • University Language and Learning Services can assist students with study methods, language skills and work presentation
  • Seeking assistance from the University Counselling Service if students think personal or other issues, eg. motivation, adjustment or self-confidence, may be affecting achievement in their course.
  • Accessing the Community Services website to find out first hand what to expect if asked attend a hearing and how to prepare for such a meeting.

End of year referral to Academic Progress Committee (APC)
A student may be sent a notice of referral to an academic progress committee at the end of the year if he/she has

  1. completed at least two semesters of candidature and, in the period commencing in December of the previous year, passed 50% or less* of enrolment;
  2. failed the same unit twice*; or
  3. failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the dean or by an academic progress committee; or
  4. completed at least 2/3 of the maximum course duration and passed 50% or less of the course; or
  5. been unable to obtain a required certification (e.g. police check) to the standard necessary for the course; or
  6. been unable to complete a compulsory placement at a usual placement provider used by the University.
  7. failed a clinical/fieldwork placement*
* Variations to University rules that have been approved by the Academic Board to apply in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

(Please refer to Part 4 Monash University (Academic Board) RegulationsExclusion for unsatisfactory progress regulations or inability to progress).

The response submitted by the student to this notice can lead to the student being:

  • allowed to continue in their course with or without conditions, or
  • referred to a full APC hearing

The student being referred to a full APC hearing resulting in the following outcomes:

  • being allowed to continue in their course with or without conditions
    • Students who have a condition placed on their enrolment are at risk of being excluded from their course of study for unsatisfactory course progress if the condition is not satisfied. Such students must take every opportunity to make use of university support services and develop, as appropriate, a plan to restore their academic standing and thereby satisfy the term or condition imposed.
  • being excluded from the faculty
    • Under the exclusion and exclusion appeals process, students who are excluded by their faculty will have limited grounds on which to appeal the faculty's decision. Refer to the following website for information on the University appeal process Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Additional information for students

Unsatisfactory academic progress correspondence
Students who have failed the faculty's progress rules at the end of the year will be sent a Notice of Referral and Hearing to their Monash student email and a generic letter to their postal address recorded on WES and SMS text to their mobile phone recorded on WES. Students who think they may have failed the faculty’s progress rules are advised to check their email account for faculty correspondence regarding their end of year progression. It is important that students respond to this notice as failure to do so may lead to exclusion.

Students must be contactable during December 2019 through to March 2020
Students should check their Monash email every 48 hours and must ensure that the University has their current postal address details at all times – including during the December-February period. Failure to receive university notices will not be accepted as a ground for appeal against exclusion.  Postal addresses may be updated via WES.

International students
International students on a student visa are advised that condition 8202 of their student visa requires that they maintain satisfactory academic progress. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress may place students in breach of this visa condition.

International students commencing mid-year will have their performance reviewed after completing the first two semesters of study within a course. This will occur after semester one release of results. Students who fail progression rules will be considered at a referral meeting and study conditions may be imposed.

For information on the Educational Services Overseas Students (ESOS) Act click here.


Counselling services
Student Rights Officers



Under the exclusion appeals process students who are excluded by their faculty will have limited grounds on which to appeal the faculty’s decision. Please refer to Executive Services homepage for information and procedures.

Admission after Exclusion

Occasionally former students who have been excluded  from the Faculty are allowed to enter Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, at least one year after exclusion, if they:

1. Seek approval from the Dean, or their delegate. All applicants must be able to provide evidence of improved academic/personal performance. This may be shown by the successful completion of subjects at a similar or higher level to that from which they have been excluded and/or significant work experience. Where a mental or physical health issue was a contributing factor to the student's poor academic performance, evidence should be provided of relevant actions taken to address the specific issues. This may include certified reports from appropriately qualified professional practitioners, confirming that the circumstances leading to previous failure have been addressed. Applications for the Dean’s approval for re-entry into the faculty should be sent to the APC Secretary by email at apc.fac.mnhs@monash.edu or mail to:

The Secretary
Academic Progress Committee
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
27 Rainforest Walk
Clayton Campus  3800

2. Apply for admission to the course through the usual admission process – via the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) or direct entry. Please note, applicants must be able to meet current entry requirements and compete with all other applicants  in the selection process.