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Marcus Nicol

Marcus Nicol

Bachelor of Science (Hons), PhD and Master of Public Health

It was Monash’s stellar reputation in the medical and biomedical research fields that encouraged Marcus Nicol to spend over a decade here, completing both his undergraduate and two postgraduate qualifications (a PhD and Master of Public Health).

With post-doctoral positions at the National Stroke Research Institute (now the Florey institute) at the Austin Hospital, Marcus’s career began as an epidemiologist and a clinical trial data manager. He recounts that “the research skills and data management experience I gained during my PhD and Masters enabled me to gain these significant roles, and also taught me how to be adaptable with my skills.”

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Dr Catherine Crock AM - MBBS

Discovering a passion for improving the healthcare experience for patients, families and staff has shaped the career of Dr Catherine Crock AM over the past two decades.

“When we tap into the expertise of the patients and families we look after we can learn so much about how to provide the best possible care for that individual, including how to improve the safety of their care. My student experience at Monash encouraged me to think creatively about problem solving in the workplace. Together with patients and families we have been able to make numerous changes in the way procedures and tests are performed on patients by problem solving as a team. We improved pain management, waiting times, efficiency in theatre, patient and staff satisfaction and patient safety.”

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Geraldine Buckingham

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Geraldine has had a diverse set of experiences across medicine, consulting and financial services. Today, she is the Global Head of Corporate Strategy at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with $4.9 trillion of assets under management, but firmly believes it was the medical experience; early in her career which set her up for success, irrespective of the job or industry.

“My career path may have been unorthodox, but my time at Monash was very foundational to where I am now. I now have clients rather than patients, and spend my time problem solving rather than diagnosis – but there is a lot of commonality in the two skill sets.”

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Dr Jocasta Ball

Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Securing a place at Monash University was non-negotiable for Dr Jocasta Ball. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind the she would accept a place in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at Monash and after completing her studies in 2014, Dr Ball is now NHMRC/National Heart Foundation of Australia  Early Career Fellow at Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research.

“The skills and knowledge that I gained from doing Biomed at Monash (and the lecturers and tutors of course) and my post-graduate training undoubtedly enabled me to have a successful research career. I am proud to be a Monash Alumni.”

Jessica Yamin

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

A passion for helping people led Jessica Yamin to fulfil her career goals of becoming a physiotherapist. Jessica chose to study at Monash University for a number of reasons, including the “interactive and practical” course.

“All the students in my cohort were great and the uni staff really supported us during the course of our degree. Uni can be pretty stressful at times but we got through it and the different opportunities, like getting a travel placement scholarship, showed me how health is supported by different institutions.”

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Vanessa Webb

Bachelor of Nursing

The option of being able to combine her two chosen degrees at Monash University is what sealed the deal for Vanessa Webb, who said studying at Monash gave her the competitive edge both professionally and personally.

“When you love what you study external success ratings suddenly seem less important than the joy of realising today you knew something more than you did yesterday.”

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Dr Lydia Johns-Putra

Dr Lydia Johns-Putra

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)

Lydia moved from Malaysia to study Medicine at Monash University when she was just 18. Now, her favourite part of her work in the medical world is to be part of her patient’s journey.

“When people are unwell it is a life-changing time for them, their families and their inner circle.  To be part of that journey is a truly humbling and fulfilling experience.”

Jessica Bong MJ

Bachelor of Nursing

A renowned reputation for its health science program was all it took for Jessica Bong MJ to become a student at Monash University. Since completing her Bachelor of Nursing in 2008 Jessica said life has been “interesting”.

“Nursing is a profession that allows you to practice art and science throughout your career.  Being a nurse, you literary hold an "international passport", hence you can say that your career is guaranteed for life.”

Dr Keshav Malhotra

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

At only 25, Dr Keshav Malhotra is rapidly making a name for himself in assisted reproduction.

After completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in his home country of India, Keshav first became interested in embryology during an internship in Singapore. Following the recommendations of his mentors, he was drawn to the Monash Master of Clinical Embryology: “the first thing everyone said was the amount of hands-on experience that you get here is incomparable.”

Making the move to Melbourne for a year, Keshav loved every moment of his Monash experience. “What was really exciting was the number of opportunities provided to all of us as students” he remembers, “the staff really cared about our professional development.” Opportunities to present at industry conferences and take part in research projects all helped elevate Keshav’s profile while still studying.

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