Akram Mahmoud El-Abd Asbeutah

Akram Mahmoud El-Abd Asbeutah

Akram Mahmoud El-Abd Asbeutah

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: PhD
  • Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy

PhD (General Medicine)

“I was drawn to undertake a PhD at Monash University due to the presence of several highly regarded and internationally renowned academics in the field of radiography” says Associate Professor Akram Asbeutah from Kuwait University.

After several years of working as a radiographer in the Kuwaiti public healthcare system, Akram went on to complete a Master of Science at Kuwait University.

He then became an Australian Accredited Medical Sonographer in 2000 and developed an interest in the emerging field of research in vascular imaging.

The lack of literature and expertise in imaging blood vessels using non-invasive techniques motivated Akram to undertake a PhD at Monash. “I had access to a strong pool of mentors who supported me throughout my PhD, from both the university and its rich network including Monash Heart”, he reflects.

Akram’s PhD at Monash allowed him to further his academic and research career at Kuwait University. He commenced there in 2002 with his role as Clinical Senior Lecturer and is now Associate Professor in the Department of Radiologic Sciences.

“Completing my PhD has allowed me to combine my passion for academia with that for practising medical imaging in a clinical environment.”

His PhD also gave him tools to become a champion of training and educational activities in radiography and ultrasonography at Kuwait University.

“Monash has furthered my teaching and training skills which has allowed me to successfully run several training courses for both local and international audiences”. Akram continues to have a strong, collaborative relationship with Monash through his position as Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences. He’s now working towards establishing an ultrasonography training program at Kuwait University. This will teach radiographers and sonographers to perform a variety of sonographic procedures and operate sophisticated ultrasound equipment.

“I am working closely with my mentors and colleagues from Monash to roll out this much needed training program which has been successfully running in Australia. Linking counterparts from our Department of Radiologic Sciences at Kuwait University with those at Monash’s Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences will help make this training program become a reality and success.”