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Monash Rural Health co-hosts lunch event with Bendigo's peak business

Monash Rural Health co-hosted a lunch event with Bendigo's peak business on 15 May to shine the spotlight on the centrality of medical services and infrastructure to a healthy, thriving greater Bendigo.

Rural Health 18 May, 2018

Fibre in diet linked to flu protection

It has long been known that a diet rich in fibre improves intestinal health and reduces inflammation in the gut. Now, a Monash University study shows that fibre can protect against the flu virus.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 16 May, 2018
Professor Kieran Harvey and Dr Sam Manning.

Scientists shine light on how organ size is controlled

Melbourne scientists have for the first time filmed the process which determines how big our organs grow, yielding new insights into the “Hippo pathway”.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 11 May, 2018
Paul Myles

More IV fluids during surgery is beneficial: RELIEF study

A global study led by Monash University and The Alfred has found giving patients more IV fluids during surgery can reduce the risk of kidney damage and wound infection post-surgery, solving a decades-old debate.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 10 May, 2018

High achievers and future health leaders celebrated at Student Awards Ceremony

The outstanding achievements of 139 Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences students were celebrated at the annual Student Awards Ceremony on Tuesday May 8 in the newly re-opened Alexander Theatre.

Education 10 May, 2018

Healthy volunteers needed for MRI brain scans

We are seeking a group of healthy volunteers to participate in a MRI brain imaging research study in MND.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Anselm Wong

Monash toxicology research receives recognition

Monash toxicology and the Monash Emergency Research Collaborative (MERC) received two of the three research awards at the recent Toxicologist and Poisons Network Australia (TAPNA) annual scientific meeting, held in Sydney.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Eva Segelov

Monash oncologist included in “Women in Sciences 2018 Book Collection”

Professor Eva Segelov has been included in the inaugural IntechOpen “Women in Sciences 2018 Book Collection”, celebrating and supporting women scientists worldwide.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018