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Jeff Wright, Building and Facilities Manager at the Monash BDI.

Running the world marathon majors

The World Marathon Majors – six marathons spanning from Europe, Asia to the United States. Jeff Wright (60) is Building and Facilities Manager at the Monash BDI. He’s just returned home after completing the last marathon on his list

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 14 May, 2019
Activities from the Monash BDI Day of Immunology.

Day of Immunology at the Monash BDI

The International Day of Immunology offers an opportunity to celebrate the immune system and share our love of science with the general public. This year, the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) invited more than 50 Year 11 students from

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 14 May, 2019
Physiotherapy student Jenna Carr accepts the Kate Scanlon Award at the Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Student Awards Ceremony.

Student Success Celebrated at Annual Faculty Awards Ceremony

More than 130 Monash students from all health disciplines were recognised for their success on Monday May 6 at the annual student awards ceremony.

Education 13 May, 2019
Dr Melanie Hutton and Dr Tracey Gaspari.

Bridge Program 2019 participants announced

Congratulations to Dr Tracey Gaspari and Dr Melanie Hutton on their acceptance into the 2019 Bridge Program. Launching this month, 100 participants have been selected from across Australia to take part in face-to-face and online training which

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 10 May, 2019

Women's health: shining a light on PCOS

It affects about one in seven women of childbearing age, yet there are no public health campaigns or celebrities raising it as an issue.

Lens 10 May, 2019
Dr Lisa Sanders presenting

Monash Working Towards Safer Diagnosis

Making accurate diagnoses can be a challenge for healthcare professionals. As patients, the majority of us will be the subject of at least one significant diagnostic error in our lifetime.

Medicine 8 May, 2019

Hospital or house: Setting the record straight on home births

With more women choosing to give birth at home, researchers are developing a clinical guideline for safe practices in Victoria.

Lens 06 May, 2019
L-R Associate Professor Tony Velkov, Professor Philip Thompson, Professor Jian Li, Dr Kade Roberts, Professor Roger Nation

US biopharmaceutical company licenses Monash University 'superbug' drug discovery

Monash University announced today the grant of an exclusive licence of its portfolio of proprietary synthetic polymyxin antibiotics to Qpex Biopharma, a US-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new antibiotics to combat the

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 30 April, 2019
L-R: Dr Jane Bourke, Dr Ryan Hoy and Honours student Claudia Sim.

Scientist gains funds for research into crippling lung disease

Dr Jane Bourke, an expert in lung disease, has been awarded seed funding to investigate whether the hormone relaxin can help patients with silicosis. The project builds on Dr Bourke’s larger research program examining relaxin for the

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 30 April, 2019