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Like many undergraduate students, David Bakker was looking for a way to deal with the stress of uni and life. He had trouble finding a quick, reliable solution that would make him feel better. That’s how the idea for MoodMission was first born. While completing his Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Monash, David developed the MoodMission app - it’s evidence-based tool that offers practical suggestions for coping with low moods and anxiety.

Having completed his doctoral studies, David now works as a psychologist in clinical practice. Psychologists, like David, empower people to make positive change in their lives by helping them explore new ways of thinking or dealing with anxiety or depression. It’s a rewarding career, where you can see your work in action and make a difference to someone's life during a tough time. By combining his clinical, research and entrepreneurial interests, David is making psychological techniques and mental health support more accessible.

Watch David’s video below to discover how his app, MoodMission, is helping people learn new strategies for coping with anxiety and depression.

Discover careers in Psychology

Becoming a psychologist, like David, is just one option. With a Monash degree in psychology, you can pursue a range of exciting careers, including:

  • Psychologist: Psychologists are experts in how people think and act. Typically, a psychologist assesses clients and provides therapy to help solve problems, improve their mental health and quality of life.  As a psychologist, you can specialise in a number of fields including child psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology or forensic psychology. To become a psychologist, you'll need to complete additional study, like a Doctor of Clinical Psychology or Doctor of Clinical Neuropsychology after completing your bachelor’s degree. Learn more about becoming a psychologist.
  • Researcher: There's still so much we don't know about the human brain and behaviour. Psychological research gets us one step closer to a better understanding of the mind and identifying new treatments. As a researcher, you could explore areas like sleep, addiction or memory. As part of your Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), you'll get to work on a supervised research project and get a taste of what a career in psychological research could be like.
  • Social worker: Social workers advocate for injustices in society and help empower individuals, families or groups to improve their quality of life. Social workers can work in health, education and community services, in both government and non-government organisations. A psychology degree provides a great foundation in human behaviour, but you'll also need to complete a Master of Social Work to gain the practical experience to complement your skills, and qualify as a registered social worker.
  • Recruitment officer: Recruitment professionals are responsible for finding the right people for a job. Your communication skills and ability to understand and relate to people can come in handy in recruitment roles.
  • Market research consultant / consumer behaviour: Market research helps businesses better understand their customers. Market research roles design, conduct and analyse market research and turns data into insights that can change a business’s product or service. It’s a great career option if you want to put your data analysis and statistical skills to use.

Areas you could work in:

  • Business, human resources or marketing
  • Community and welfare services
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Justice and corrections
  • Social policy
  • Technology and design

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