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Monash and Newcastle Universities’ offer united research strengths to South East Asia

Monash University has joined forces with Newcastle University (UK) to showcase to industry and other potential investors, the real-world impact their complementary research brings to the life sciences sector in South East Asia.

Biomedical Sciences 25 May, 2018
Professor Mibel Aguilar and Dr John Lee beside the newly-developed biosensor technology.

Biosensor technologies to offer more effective approaches to disease treatment

Every cell in our bodies is shaped by its outer coating, or biomembrane. This incredible, naturally created nanostructure wraps the cell in a supportive and protective blanket, allowing the cell to carry out its normal function while also

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 25 May, 2018
An artist's impression of a dendritic cell. Dendritic cells are the 'sentinels' of the immune system, constantly sampling the environment and presenting antigens to the immune system.

Bringing the magic of biomedical research to the low vision community

Researchers within the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) are developing an innovative program targeted at those who have low vision or are blind, by hosting a Sensory Scientific Exhibition and Discovery Day at Monash University Clayton

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 25 May, 2018

Not all fibres are created equally

Diets including fibres found in legumes, garlic and onion may hold the key to a healthier gut according to a study conducted by Monash PhD student, Daniel So.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 24 May, 2018
Donia Moujalled

Developing therapies for the toughest of blood cancers

Congratulations to Dr Donia Moujalled, post-doctoral research fellow, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) on receiving Cancer Council Victoria funding for a project grant as sole chief investigator, valued at $300,000 (for 3 years,

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 24 May, 2018
Tom Karagiannis

Monash scientists join race to reveal diet’s secrets

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most researched, published and consumed diets. It’s been associated with health benefits, helping to fight certain cancers and reducing type 2 diabetes risk. But no one is completely sure why.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 24 May, 2018
Flu heatmap

Flu virus impact: No telling how it will go

With winter approaching and the influenza (flu) season hovering health authorities and others are wondering if this year’s flu season will be a repeat of the deadly one that occurred last year.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 24 May, 2018
Professor Gail Risbridger

Bold move to tackle prostate cancer

Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s (BDI) Professor Gail Risbridger has received a United States Department of Defense grant to participate in an ambitious project that aims to eradicate incurable prostate cancer.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 22 May, 2018