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How to keep COVID waves small

Monash study reveals Stage 4 started too late to control COVID-19 community transmission, and recommends an early warning system and national mandatory mask wearing.

COVID-19 20 October, 2020

New drug hope for migraine sufferers

A recent study by Monash University has shown the effectiveness of a migraine drug called Erenumab (Aimovig) for chronic sufferers, which sadly remains unaffordable for most patients.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 20 October, 2020
Man with facemask in hospital waiting room

Research findings spur US mental health action during pandemic

A program of research seeking to assess the public impact of the coronavirus pandemic is making a significant impact in the US, with findings prompting government officials and policymakers to expand access to mental and behavioural health

Turner Institute 19 October, 2020
Monash University news

Medicine Enters Top 50 - National Taiwan University Ranking 2020

Monash University rises four places to 48 in the National Taiwan University (NTU) Ranking 2020, in the field of Medicine research.

Research 19 October, 2020

Monash University report identifies occupations with greater risk of suicide

A Monash University study has found that a significant number of workers are at increased risk of suicide due to their occupation.

Primary and Allied Health Care 19 October, 2020

Improving quality of life for patients with upper gastrointestinal cancer

Ensuring the quality of life in patients with cancer is vital and is becoming more widely researched within the scientific community. Quality of life has been shown to impact psychological and physical health in numerous studies and should

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 16 October, 2020

Monash discoveries suggest new breast cancer treatment

Findings by Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers have pointed to a new combination of treatments that may help breast cancer patients with certain gene mutations.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 16 October, 2020
Monash University news

Monash University MOOCs rated amongst the best in the world

Four of Monash University’s free online short courses have ranked in the world’s Top Online Courses of All Time, more than any other Australian university.

Clinical Sciences - Monash Health 16 October, 2020

Have, and help, a heart: Saving lives through CPR and defibrillator education

Monash University’s Brian Haskins has more than 25 years on the tools as a paramedic, from ambulances into streets and homes, and also as a teacher. He knows a lot about cardiac arrests, and one thing he knows more than anything is that if

Primary and Allied Health Care 16 October, 2020