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Scientists pinpoint key source of shellfish allergy

Shellfish allergy is one of the most serious of all allergies, on a par in terms of severity with the life-threatening reactions experienced by people allergic to peanuts.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 21 June, 2018
Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Monash surgeon calls for new terrorist attack treatment measures

Leading military surgeon, Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld says Australian hospitals should become familiar with US military trauma guidelines to better prepare them for terrorist attacks or other mass casualty events.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 21 June, 2018
Monash BDI research fellow Dr Patricia Illing.

New approach for effective influenza immunity

Monash researcher, Dr Patricia Illing, has been awarded a 2018 Michelson Prize for Human Immunology and Vaccine Research for her “innovative and disruptive” investigations into how the immune system responds to the influenza virus.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 20 June, 2018
PhD candidate Joey Man stands beside her poster presentation.

Success at inaugural graduate student symposium

The inaugural Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) Graduate Student Symposium offered our PhD students a chance to step back and see how they form part of the institute’s research engine – working towards making discoveries

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 20 June, 2018
L-R: Dr Kylie Quinn and Professor Nicole La Gruta.

Monash research provides insights into why older people respond poorly to cancer treatment

It’s called the Silver Tsunami – the increased incidence of cancer with ageing, combined with the rapidly ageing population means that the Australian health system needs to prepare for an onslaught of cancer diagnoses.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 20 June, 2018
L-R: Dr Sung-Young Shin and Dr Lan Nguyen.

‘Kiss of death’ cancer – how computational geeks may have uncovered a therapy for a deadly disease

It’s called the ‘kiss of death’. Triple negative breast cancer has no targeted drug therapy and, as such, the only hope for these patients is chemotherapy.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 20 June, 2018

Monash Emergency and Monash Children’s make significant contribution to new textbook

The recently released 3rd edition of the “Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine” prominently features many staff from Monash Emergency and Monash Children’s.

Clinical Sciences - Monash Health 19 June, 2018
Rosemary Horne ISPID award

Monash sleep researcher recognised internationally

Congratulations to Professor Rosemary Horne on receiving the Distinguished Researcher Award for 2018 at the meeting of the International Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant and Neonatal Death.

Clinical Sciences - Monash Health 19 June, 2018