Amanda Er

Amanda Er

Amanda Er

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Honours
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

“I wanted to embark on a meaningful career that would combine both my purpose for helping individuals from all walks of life with my photography hobby.”

Meet Amanda Er, a Monash Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) graduate. She is currently working in Singapore at a large acute hospital as a diagnostic radiographer, providing medical imaging services to the Emergency Department, inpatient wards and specialist outpatient clinics.

In her role, Amanda supports patient diagnosis and management by using x-rays to create diagnostic images for interpretation and analysis. Patients often present with debilitating acute or chronic pain, limiting their range of movement. “Building rapport through skilful patient interactions is an integral part of obtaining high-quality medical images, and is what I enjoy most about my role.” Outside of work, Amanda is also part of an editorial team for an online free open access radiology platform where she writes radiography articles for healthcare professionals around the world.

She was drawn to Monash due to a “chance encounter with a Monash Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) alumnus, who made it apparent through recounting their Monash experience that graduates of the program would come away from the degree as critical thinkers and effective communicators on a world stage”. Amanda was looking for an institution that would allow her to study radiography whilst equipping her with a “global outlook and the right skills needed to impact my community for the better”, so it was a perfect fit.

For Amanda, the clinical placements component was the most enjoyable aspect of her degree. She was able to apply her theoretical knowledge in a proper clinical setting, experiencing first-hand the importance of compassion and empathy when managing patients. Recalling one instance of reassuring a patient who was a professional dancer that she had only sustained a minor ankle strain Amanda said, “I’ll never forget the relief and joy on the patent’s face, as she thanked me profusely for my warmth and care throughout the examination”.

Reflecting on her Monash degree, Amanda believes that apart from being able to obtain diagnostic medical images, “Monash has given me the confidence to hone my inter-professional communication skills in the workplace”. She has since been able to initiate meaningful discussions on safe occupational measures that have resulted in positive changes to the health and safety of staff and patients around her.

Notably, Amanda was able to secure a six-month rotation in her final year of study. Hearing the “passion and dedication in the voices of radiographers who had decades of experience was both humbling and eye-opening as they shared their inspirational radiography journey through the advancements of medical imaging technology.

“Having the passion to help patients whose lives are in your hands, as well as an interest in working with advanced medical devices makes a radiographer’s job purposeful and unique. If this is something you wish to do, then do come on board and make the most out of a rewarding university education at Monash!”

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