MUARC Road Safety Management Leadership Program

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Our Program is moving online

About the Program

A Road Safety Leadership Initiative

Eliminating serious injuries and fatalities is the goal of road safety professionals around the world. Innovations in research and technology continue to deliver progress, but challenges remain.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) believes that effective road safety leadership is crucial to improved results, which is why we created the Road Safety Management Leadership Program.

Since its inception in 2012, the Program has helped develop and nurture the next generation of road safety leaders.

What's covered in the Program?

The Road Safety Management Leadership Program aims to develop leaders capable of delivering change through five days of intensive learning.

By attending the Program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of road safety management including the safe system approach and its underpinning scientific evidence and technological innovations. The course will also guide you through topics including safe speeds, safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, deterrence and enforcement, road user behaviour, and leadership challenges. The course will demonstrate how to influence internal and external stakeholders, allowing you to be an agent of change upon your return to work.

Who will I meet?

You will sit alongside road safety professionals from agencies around Australia and the world. The Program has attracted leaders from countries including South Africa, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, Abu Dhabi and New Caledonia. This diverse international presence brings unique perspectives to the Program’s discussions of road safety and leadership challenges.

The course is facilitated by Mr Eric Howard, Global Road Safety Advisor at MUARC, and Senior Faculty members of MUARC will be joined by internationally experienced road safety practitioners. Through ongoing relationships with program mentors and fellow participants, you will join an informed network with a shared vision towards a safe system approach and improved road safety results.

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What are the benefits?

Registration in the Program will accelerate your professional development as a road safety manager, making it an important investment personally and for your organisation. You will gain access to the expansive knowledge and real-world experience of the internationally-renowned teaching team, network with professionals from diverse agencies and cultures, and walk away with a greater understanding of the personal qualities required for effective road safety leadership.

Praise from participants

I would suggest and recommend that anybody in this field at a leadership role should definitely attend. They will take back information that will help them save people’s lives.

Ms Narelle Beer 
Victoria Police Superintendent

I’ve found it really, really helpful. It’s diverse, interactive and covers so many different road safety and leadership topics. I think from a leadership perspective, the Program has been so valuable and helped me plan how I’m going to tackle some of my challenges when I get back.

Ms Noelani Reardon
Roads and Maritime Services

It is amazing and informative. A  very comprehensive programme. It covers the entire road safety management system value chain from end to end.  What intrigued me is the safe systems approach as supported by the vision zero with an intention of achieving a target of zero on traffic-related deaths the formula to our high serious injuries and road crashes, the success though lies on ensuring that all elements of the systems approach are implemented in a synchronised manner by different implementing entities in our jurisdiction.

Ms Helen Kgamanyane
Road Traffic Infringement Agency, South Africa

Event contact

Lesley Rees
+61 3 9905 4020
Monash University Accident Research Centre