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Student academic progress

Please visit the link above for further information on the University's policy and procedures for checking academic progress and helping students who may need additional support to successfully complete their degree.

Student academic integrity

Please visit the link above for further information and resources on the University's approach to academic misconduct.

Please note that breaches of the Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy are recorded in a central register and retained for up to 15 years. This information is provided as part of the conduct check to requesting legal admissions boards, in particular the Victorian Legal Admissions Board.

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Special consideration

Please visit the link above for further information on applying for special consideration for failing to complete an exam or assessment due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control.

For short extensions, go to Assessment submission.

Please note: Effective from January 1 2022, the eligibility criteria for rescheduling a deferred exam has been changed. Please see the updated criteria in the Special Consideration Procedure section 7.5. This could mean that a rescheduled deferred exam is less likely to be approved in favour of a Withdrawn Incomplete grade.

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