Special consideration

Assessment tasks are set to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the unit. Usually, you have one chance to complete each assessment task or exam.

If you can’t complete an assessment (due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control), you may be eligible for special consideration. If granted, you may be given an extension, another assessment, or a deferred exam.

Special consideration cannot change a mark already given for an assessment task.

Check your eligibility

You may be eligible if you believe you won’t be able to, or you didn't complete your exam or assessment due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control. The reasons may include:

  • a serious medical condition
  • loss or bereavement
  • family relationship breakdown
  • hardship or trauma
  • obligations to military, jury or emergency services
  • students registered with the Monash Elite Student Performer Scheme
  • student carers
  • religious or other cultural obligations
  • other exceptional circumstances.

If you're unsure whether you're eligible, you can still apply and the assessment team will provide you with an outcome.

When to apply

Get in early where possible

It’s good to apply for special consideration as early as you can – submitting your application at the last minute can be stressful. Make sure your application is complete, with supporting documents attached where required.

Late applications

We may accept late applications but we won’t accept late applications under any circumstances after results have been released. If your application is late, you’ll need to tell us why you weren’t able to submit it by the deadline.

How to apply

Incomplete applications

To ensure your application is assessed quickly, you need to submit a complete application. Your supporting documents must meet the criteria below and must make it clear that, because of the circumstances beyond your control, you will be or were unable to complete the assessment task by the due date.

If your application isn't complete, we'll need to contact you for more information to help us make a decision. This will result in a delayed outcome for you.

Supporting documents

Make sure you provide one or more of these documents to support your application:

  • medical certificate, letter from a medical professional (even if your doctor has filled in your special consideration form)
  • professional practitioner certificate from practitioners registered with a relevant body - e.g. social worker, lawyer, or psychologist
  • death notice or certificate and evidence of relationship
  • police report
  • statutory declarations from students or relevant people
  • notification from:
    • defence services
    • Juries Commissioner's Office
    • emergency service organisations such as the Country Fire Authority.

Medical certificates and letters of support

Medical and professional certificates must state you were unfit to sit your assessment or complete work for assessment on or before the relevant date, and can't be signed by a member of your family.

It’s important that your treating practitioner outlines how they were able to support your case when they didn’t see you on the day, either on the certificate of a letter of support with a certificate.

If you attend the final exam/assessment, but are unable to finish it due to serious or acute illness, or other serious cause, you're required to provide compelling evidence of the severity of your illness or exceptional circumstances.

Students registered with Disability Support Services

If you're registered with Disability Support Services (DSS), you're usually not required to provide a medical certificate. On your application, however, you do need to confirm:

  1. your DSS registration (including support for flexible attendance or deadlines)
  2. that the reason for applying is related to your registration with DSS.

Technical issues during exams

To apply for special consideration due to technical issues that prevent you from completing your eExam or assessment, you need to:

  • have called the Service Desk during your exam to log a job reporting the issue, or
  • provide a statutory declaration as supporting evidence.

Apply now

For exams held during the main exam period at the end of semester. These exams will appear in your exam timetable.

Scheduled end-of-semester exams

To apply for special consideration:


Apply through the Web Enrolment System (WES).

You'll find the Deferred exam application link in the Course progression section - the link above will take your directly to the application. Please note the deadlines below.

For end-of-semester exams that don't appear in your exam timetable, use the process for all other assessements.


Apply using the Malaysia online special consideration form.

South Africa

Apply using the South Africa end-of-semester assessment form (pdf, 0.06 mb) and submit it to Student Services.

When to apply

Once you attend an exam, you can't cancel it.

Applying before the exam (early applications)

You can apply for early approval of a deferred exam up until five University working days before your exam.

On the day of the exam

You must apply within two University working days of your last exam.

If you suddenly become unwell during your exam, tell an exam supervisor and they'll advise an appropriate course of action. We recommend you try to finish your exam if you are able, because in most circumstances, if you turn up to your exam and have seen and/or attempted to answer the exam questions, you won't be eligible for a deferred exam.

Notification of outcome

If you applied at least five working days before your exam

You'll receive email notification at least 24 hours before the exam as follows:

  • if successful, you'll be advised to attend a deferred exam. When unit results are released, your interim grade for the unit will be DEF (deferred assessment has been granted).
  • if unsuccessful, you'll be advised to attend your scheduled exam.

If you applied less than five working days before your exam

Within 48 hours of receiving your application, we'll email you either confirming the outcome or asking for further information.

If successful, your application status will change in the Web Enrolment System. An interim grade of DEF or WH (withheld) will appear against the unit if you have been granted a deferred or alternative assessment task or exam.

If unsuccessful, your unfinished exam paper will be marked and count towards your final unit result.

For tests, assignments, compulsory activities, and continuous assessment tasks such as art folios held during or at the end of semester.

In-semester & end-of-semester assessments

You need to apply no later than two University working days after the due date of the affected assessment or activity.

To apply for special consideration:

  1. complete the online form:
  2. attach your supporting documents
  3. submit the form.

Not all applications are approved, so wherever possible, you should continue to work on completing your assessment while we process your application.

Notification of outcome

We'll email you the outcome within five days of submitting your application.


A successful application may result in one of the following outcomes:

  • an extension to a submission date
  • an alternative and equivalent form of assessment
  • a deferred exam.

The assessment result from the outcome will be final.

Impact on unit selection

If you receive a DEF or WH result, this could affect prerequisite requirements and your unit choice for the next teaching period. See failed and invalid units.

Support and advice

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