Assessment submission

Assignment submission

Assessment instructions, due dates and submission details are available on each Unit Moodle page.

Students must confirm submission of their assignment via Moodle by ticking off the Student Statement. You may also be asked to complete an assessment task cover sheet found in the student forms section.

Submitting your assessment online

When submitting online, use the Moodle assignment submit tool. Do not submit files attached to email. Log into Moodle via the portal and select the unit for which you wish to submit work.

  • Unless you have made prior arrangements with your lecturer, only the following file formats will be accepted: .doc, .docx, pdf;
  • It is essential you adhere to the following format for the naming of the file you wish to submit:
    • it must contain your Authcate name; and
    • there must be no space in the filename.
  • You will receive a confirmation message within Moodle once you have successfully submitted your assessment within the electronic dropbox.
  • Comments and grading of your assessment will be communicated to you either by Moodle, email, or post.

Where you require more time, of 5 days or less, beyond the deadline for an assessment task, please refer to your Moodle for instructions about how to apply.

Where you require more time, of more than 5 days (or the deadline to apply for a short extension has already passed), you can apply for special consideration. You must apply for special consideration within two working day after the assessment deadline.

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