Enrolment Guidelines for Postgraduate unit LAW5052

Students should read through and understand the stages below before embarking on the application process that is required for LAW5052 - Professional Project (6 credit points).

Assessment regime

Students can choose to work as an individual or as part of a group (i.e. three or four individuals), with approval from the relevant stream academic and discussed in the first lecture. The assessment regime alters accordingly:

For individuals

Hurdle requirement: completion of online JD Professional Project Research Skills modules, including quiz; and

Project plan: 1,500 words – 20%; and

Research paper: 6,000 words – 80%;


For Groups

Hurdle requirement: completion of online JD Professional Project Research Skills modules, including quiz; and

Reflective journal entries on the conduct of the project: 750 words. This is an individual activity online – 10%; and

Project plan: 2000 words. This is a group activity – 20%; and

Research paper: 12,000 words. This is a group activity – 70%

Stage 1: Eligibility and enrolment information

This unit should be completed after 14 of the core JD units are complete (with except of LAW5013 and LAW5015).  This unit is only for students who joined the JD in T1, 2015.

It is one of the options available to students to fulfil their compulsory JD Professional Constrained Elective. The details about the range of compulsory JD Professional Constrained Electives can be viewed under the heading: “Part D: Extending Specialist Expertise: Specialist Law Electives  here. The alternative options have restricted numbers and so you must do this course unless you are admitted to take one of the alternatives. The alternatives are:

It is possible to enrol in this unit even if you have taken any of these other units previously.

NB You must complete at least one of the above units OR this unit before graduating.

Enrolling in LAW5052: Professional Project: (Enrolment is Available Now)

For Semester 1 & Semester 2, 2018, eligible students will enrol through the Web Enrolment System (WES) in the usual way.

Stage 2: Proposal preparation and approval

Once students have been enrolled in this unit they join a particular topic based upon the research specialism offered via Moodle, which in semester 1, 2018 will be Family law or Criminal law. Different research streams will be available in semester 2, 2018 which include Equity, Trusts or Property law. The dates are as follows:

For streams offered in Semester 1 2018, the timeline is:

First lecture (6 hr)week beginning 29th January
Plans submittedDeadline by 4 pm 19th February – submission via moodle
Second lecture (3 hr)week beginning 26th February 
Papers submittedDeadline: by 4pm, 30th April – submission via moodle; hurdle requirement must be complete by this point. This is done by completing the quiz.
Marking completed, week 1928th May

For streams offered in Semester 2 2018, the timeline is:

First lecture (6 hr)week beginning 16th July
Plans submittedDeadline by 4 pm 6th August – submission via moodle
Second lecture (3 hr)week beginning 13th August
Papers submittedDeadline: by 4pm 23rd October – submission via moodle; hurdle requirement must be complete by this point. This is done by completing the quiz
Marking completed, week 1917th November

The JD Professional Project Research Skills module (PPRS) is a hurdle requirement (i.e. students will not be able to proceed with the research or pass the unit until this has been completed). The aim of the PPRS is to develop advanced masters level research skills, including skills in developing a project plan. Students should begin the Research Skills module as soon as possible after they can access it. Details to be advised. They will be able to access the PPRS module via their Moodle pages as soon as they have enrolled. Students will have completed the hurdle when they have completed the quiz.

Before coming to the first lecture, (and only after specific topics for each stream are released) it is advisable that students formulate their research working title and decide whether they will work as an individual or a group of three or four, with the consent of their stream academic. It is sensible to check this working title before spending time producing a detailed plan. This is the student’s own responsibility.

The next step is to produce a detailed plan on the form that will be provided in due course through Moodle. below. This should be submitted to the academic of your stream within the deadline stated above. Further information of how to approach these steps is contained in the online PPRS module.

This Professional Project course will require independent study and so it is not expected that there will be input by the academic, who is not acting as a supervisor. Students must complete the hurdle requirements as soon as possible as this also teaches the research skills required.

Form to be used to submit the detailed plan by the above deadline.

Stage 3: Undertaking research

As the unit is one taken in the last or penultimate semester of the course, students are expected to complete their project with a high degree of autonomy and independence.

The academic in charge of the stream will be involved at three stages of the project:

  1. Assessment of the suitability of the research project, through the information contained in the plan;
  2. A total of nine hours of teaching (or consultation): six hours at the start of the module and three hours mid-way though the module;
  3. Marking of the final research paper upon submission.

In addition, the Monash Law Library offers Learning skills consultations for the development of student's research project planning skills and writing techniques, where required. This is envisaged as taking the form of small group sessions on topics of common interest, such as structuring a research project. Students can also contact the law librarians for advice on research techniques and sources.

Stage 4: Submission

The students are required to submit the completed professional project by the deadlines stated above (via Moodle).

The results will be available on WES on the results publication date of the host unit. For more information refer to  Results publication dates .

Contact information

For further information about the Professional Project unit, please contact one of the following, preferably by email:

  1. Postgraduate Student Services

    1800 MONASH (1800 666 274), Contact: Ask Monash

  2. Associate Professor Gaye Lansdell
    Phone: +61 3 9905 1457,  Email: gaye.lansdell@monash.edu