Undergraduate units, pre-requisites, co-requisites and electives

To complete the Bachelor of Laws degree, students are expected to read and understand the degree regulations and to ensure that the units they choose are in accordance with these regulations.

Prerequisites, corequisites and prohibited combinations for units are set out under the unit entries in the handbook.

"Prerequisite" units must be been completed successfully prior to undertaking the unit for which they are listed. "Corequisite" units either must be completed previously or may be taken concurrently in the same semester. Units listed as "prohibitions" to a unit cannot be counted towards the relevant course requirements. It is the student's responsibility to ensure these requirements are met, and exceptions must be approved through the faculty office.

Undergraduate course maps - single and double degrees

A course map outlines the units you are required to complete in your degree in order to be eligible to graduate.

It is a student's responsibility to understand and meet all the requirements of their course as stated in the handbook. Course maps are a tool developed to assist you in this task. See coursemaps for single and double degrees.

Compulsory units

Eleven compulsory units must be completed by all students enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws degree (single or double degree programs). The units are:

Unit Code
prior 2015
Unit Code
from 2015
Unit Title
LAW1101 No Change  Introduction to legal reasoning
LAW1104 No Change  Research and writing
LAW2101 No Change  Contract A
LAW2102 No Change  Contract B
LAW2201 No Change  Torts A
LAW2202 No Change  Torts B
 LAW3101 LAW4331  Administrative Law
 LAW3200 /  LAW3201 LAW2111  Constitutional Law
LAW3301 No Change  Criminal Law & Procedure A
LAW3302 No Change  Criminal Law B
 LAW3401 LAW2112  Property A
LAW3402 No Change  Property B
LAW4332 New Criminal law and procedure 2 (for students enrolled from 2015 instead of unit LAW3302)

Quasi-compulsory units

The following units are not required in order for a student to graduate with a Bachelor of Laws. However, these units are required by the Council of Legal Education for admission to practice as a solicitor in Victoria. If you wish to be eligible for admission to practice as a solicitor, you must complete these units.

Unit Code
prior 2015
Unit Code
from 2015
Unit title
 LAW4169 LAW3111  Equity
LAW4170 No Change  Trusts
 LAW4171  LAW3112  Corporations Law


LAW4303 Litigation and dispute resolution (former Civil Procedure)


LAW4309 Lawyers ethics in practice (former Lawyers, Ethics & Society)
 LAW5159  LAW4323  Evidence

Elective units

The remainder of the degree is made up of elective law units selected by the student. The number of elective units required varies according to the actual course in which the student is enrolled. Students must check their course structures to determine the number of elective units they are required to complete.

Law Overseas Study Programs - Prato/Malaysia

A range of units are offered through the Law Overseas Study Programs, including quasi-compulsory, elective and overseas exclusive units.