Student grievances and complaints

Student Academic and Administrative Grievance Policy and Procedure

See Monash University's Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures

This policy is not designed to deal with matters involving academic expertise or judgement.

Monash University policy and procedures apply to all coursework students in the faculty including those enrolled in postgraduate programs at the Monash University Law Chambers. Higher Degrees by Research students should refer to the HDR Grievance Procedures.

The university has special grievance or appeal procedures in the areas of exclusion, discipline and sex-based harassment that are separate from the academic and administrative grievance process.

The Faculty of Law maintains systems and promotes practices which are designed to minimise the incidence of legitimate student complaints and grievances, and to ensure that complaints and grievances by students are dealt with promptly and fairly.

Students are represented on a number of Faculty committees, including: Faculty Education Committee, LLB Subcommittee, Graduate Studies Subcommitee and Research Committee. Matters of general concern to students may be discussed in these forums. These committees meet regularly throughout the year.

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