Managing stress - counselling sessions for Law students

Taking up a university degree has its demands which are both challenging and at times stressful. Studying at the Faculty of Law is no exception.

Some of these stress factors may include:

  • Transitioning into a different learning environment that involves critical and analytical thinking
  • Adjusting to self-directed learning with little feedback as you go
  • Developing new social groups to feel connected
  • Focus on exam-based assessment
  • Demands regarding volume of reading and new study methods

How a counsellor can help

If you feel overwhelmed with the stresses of having to cope with personal life events and university life, a Counsellor is here to provide you support with:

  • Study or course problems
  • Relationship or family issues
  • Coping with university life
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Negative feelings and suicidal thoughts

Note: These are not career counselling sessions. For information on career counselling, please refer to the Monash Careers website.

What are the times for the counselling appointments?

Counselling appointments can be made by phoning the University Health Service on 9905 3175.  The initial session will be for 30 minutes.  Counsellors of both genders are available to see students.  For other counselling related matters or questions you can email

Where are the appointments?

Clayton campus - University Health Service, Building 10, Campus Centre, Ground floor

What do I need to do if it's my first appointment?

Please advise the receptionist that it is your first appointment and they will ask you to complete a Self Assessment form to take with you to hand over to the Counsellor.  This form is only seen by you and the Counsellor and is strictly confidential.

What happens if I can't keep my appointment?

Please phone and re-arrange another time.