Credit for student organised interstate and international placements

Students can apply for a self-sourced interstate Clinical Placement (LAW4803) or an international placement (LAW4815) Applicants are advised to ensure they understand the requirements of this process before submitting the form.

Students are required to understand the following conditions attached to the Faculty's approval process:

  • Applications must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to the placement commencing, in order for the Faculty to properly consider the application and make contact with the industry partner.
  • You cannot be enrolled in LAW4803/LAW4815 Clinical Placement if you are being paid an income by the organisation or the industry partner for the placement or if you have worked previously for payment in the organisation or the industry partner.
  • You may not be eligible for LAW4803/LAW4815 if your placement is provided under an already existing clerkship program with an organisation or Industry partner in Australia. This is because the industry partner’s program may have different selection criteria and different objectives to ours. It is up to the CE to make that decision based on the information provided in the application and if required, further discussion with the partner about the validity of the placement for credit.
  • You cannot receive credit for LAW4803/LAW4815 Clinical Placement retrospectively.

LAW4803 Clinical Placement (6 Credit Points)/LAW4815 International Clinical Placements (6 Credit Points)