Clinical Legal Education

Current placement opportunities

LAW5050 - JD Professional Practice

LAW4328 - LLB Professional Practice

LAW4330 - Family Law Assistance Program (FLAP)

LAW4803 / LAW4811 - Clinical Placement / In House Placement

When you join Monash Law, you have the opportunity to provide expert legal help to those who would otherwise slip through the cracks. Clinical legal education not only develops practical legal skills for students but increases access to legal services and justice for people from adverse and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Want to know what's really great? You can help the community while learning invaluable practical legal skills, gaining work experience (great for your CV), and you can do all this for credit towards your Law degree.

We guarantee our students a place in the clinical legal education program to build their knowledge, experience, and confidence.

From 2018, Monash Law will be offering a guaranteed clinical education experience for all students who wish to incorporate a practical component credited towards their Monash Law degree.

We are the first law school in Australia to offer a guarantee like this for our students. This reflects our belief in the transformative effect of experiential education.

Students - more for their degree & improved employability

  • Improved graduate employability driven by the skills and knowledge gained through participation
  • Providing all students, regardless of social or economic background, with pathways into the legal profession.
  • Increase connection points and enhanced opportunities
  • Build professional networks.
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the law and its application in the community, government and commercial world
  • Potential to be involved in meaningful and high-profile law reforms.

For over 40 years we have been trailblazers in this space. We’re committed not only to continuing this important service into the future - we’re expanding it.

The following units in the Clinical Legal Education Program are offered to students