LAW4328 Professional practice, LAW4330 Family law assistance program & LAW5050 Professional practice (JD)

Professional Practice & Family law assistance program (FLAP)

  • LAW4328 Professional practice
  • LAW4330 Family law assistance program: Professional practice
  • LAW5050 Professional practice (JD only)

Students undertake a practical placement at a community legal centre for Professional Practice (LAW4328) & (LAW5050 - Juris Doctor students only) or a specialist family law program based at a community legal centre for Family Law Assistance Program (LAW4330). Both programs endeavour to meet the needs of its community. Under the supervision of qualified lawyers, students provide legal advice to clients, undertake ongoing casework, brief Counsel, and in appropriate cases, represent clients in Court. Students acquire a diverse range of practical legal skills essential for legal practice.

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2024 Dates

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29 January
24 May
6 November (2023)
8 January25 January
213 May30 August
5 February
31 March10 May
319 August6 December
27 May
22 July16 Aug

Professional and clinical units are subject to their own set of Discontinuation Dates. Students should check these before deciding to withdraw from a unit.


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