Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic

In 2018, at least 20 countries actively carried out state sanctioned executions, many in our local region.

Students who take part in the Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic are linked with legal and NGO partner bodies across Asia. Students have the opportunity to undertake research and analysis of casework and advocacy briefs, drafting submissions, assisting legal teams and human rights advocates in numerous jurisdictions.

Students will develop and utilising a variety of legal skills including research for strategic litigation, preparing case work and drafting briefs to be used in international diplomacy efforts. Students gain experience working on legal teams with lawyers and anti-death penalty advocates from across Asia.

Course Description

Students will work in small groups under the close supervision of a Clinical Supervisor to undertake research and analysis of current death penalty cases, strategic litigation and advocacy campaigns, assisting with legal teams in Asia.  Students will also have the opportunity to engage with local anti-death penalty practitioners, the Capital Punishment Justice Project and other key actors, who will provide students with a substantive background in the current state of anti-death penalty advocacy and the relationships between NGOS, governments and the United Nations.