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How is remote justice working in the time of COVID-19?

A Trans-Tasman research team is collecting the stories of people who have participated in legal hearings remotely, to understand the impact of the civil justice system going online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monash Law Alumni News

We stand with our Monash Law alumni and professional community in these times of crisis.

Like so many industries, the tertiary and legal sectors face challenges unforeseen only a matter of months or even weeks ago. But in crisis there is

COVID-19: A catalyst for rethinking how we punish offenders?

Much of the focus surrounding COVID-19 and its impact has been on imposing restrictions and denying individual liberties. We may need to give back liberties to some members of our society, writes Dr Natalia Antolak-Saper.

Explainer: what are the laws mandating self-isolation and how will they be enforced?

Anyone entering Australia must now enter a 14-day self-quarantine period. Dr Caroline Henckels & Dr Maria O'Sullivan explore the legalities.

Is protesting during the pandemic an ‘essential’ right that should be protected?

Protest is one of the most important ways we can express disagreement with government action. However, the ability of people to protest in an emergency situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic is very unclear, writes Dr Maria O'Sullivan.

Vale Emeritus Professor (Peter) Louis Waller AO

Professor Waller earned great admiration amongst his colleagues, students and the broader community that he served. Monash Law owes much of its character to Professor Waller.

Your Top 4 Questions About Learning Online

Students often ask how the online learning experience compares to attending classes in person. Monash Law's Senior Educational Designer answers your top 4 questions about virtual learning.

Australian identity: What does it mean to you?

Trying to define national identity is like searching for the end of a rainbow. It isn’t something that can be found or a place we can collectively reach; it’s something that unfolds over time and through generations. It’s also