Volume 44 (2018)

Volume 44(1) 2018

Data Protection in an Era of Big Data: The Challenges Posed by Big Personal Data
Moira Paterson and Maeve McDonagh

Abortion Law in New South Wales: The Problem with Necessity
Mark J Rankin

Wrongful Birth Children and Assessing Damages for Costs of Care: Australian and British Jurisprudence Compared
Tracey Carver, Tina Cockburn and Bill Madden

An Evaluation of Debt Agreements in Australia
Vivien Chen, Lucinda O’Brien and Ian Ramsay

Is the Seal of the Confessional Protected by Constitutional or Common Law?
Anthony Gray

The Potential Economic Gains from Increasing Public Law Enforcement against Illegal Phoenix Activity
Jasper Hedges, Ian Ramsay, Michelle Welsh and Helen Anderson

Mind the Gap: Is the Regulation of Work-Integrated Learning in Higher Education Working?
Anne Hewitt, Rosemary Owens and Andrew Stewart

Are Racial Vilification Laws Supported by Free Speech Arguments?
Bill Swannie

Volume 44(2) 2018

Special Issue: The Law of Protest

Sarah Joseph

Anti-Abortion Protest and the Effectiveness of Victoria's Safe Access Zones: An Analysis
Ronli Sifris and Tania Penovic

Let the Asylum Seekers Stay: Strengths and Weaknesses of Church Sanctuary as a Strategy for Law Reform
Azadeh Dastyari

'Ramming Speed': The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Law of Protest
Gerry Nagtzaam and Douglas Guilfoyle

Dishonouring the Australian Flag
Caroline Henckels

Protest Law and the First World War: The Case of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Stephen Gray

Lone Anarchists and Peace Pilgrims: The Relevance of Political Motivations to Sentencing
Jamie Walvisch

Private Rights, Protest and Place in Brown v Tasmania
Patrick Emerton and Maria O'Sullivan

Volume 44(3) 2018

The Evolution of the Profit à Prendre and Its Importance in Australia
Fiona Burns

The Locus of Defamation Law since the Constitution of Oxford
Chris Dent

Can Charters of Rights Limit Penal Populism?: The Case of Preventive Detention
Andrew Dyer

Regulating the Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images ('Revenge Pornography') via a Civil Penalty Regime: A Sex Equality Analysis
Michelle Evans

Kilmore-East Kinglake Bushfire Class Action Settlement Distribution Scheme: Fairness, Cost and Delay Post-Settlement
Michael Legg

Mandatory Practices and the Transformation of Due Process
Amy Elton, John Anderson, Jim Jose and Amy Maguire

Melbourne Linh Son Buddhist Society Inc v Gippsreal Ltd [2017] VSCA 161: The Penalties Doctrine and the Loan Establishment Fee Conundrum
Nicholas A Tiverios

Nice or Nasty?: Reasons to Abolish Character as a Consideration in Australian Sentencing Hearings and Professionals' Disciplinary Proceedings
Gabrielle Wolf and Mirko Bagaric