Volume 32 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 32(1)


Minute of Appreciation: Professor Richard G Fox
C R Williams

Sentencing in the Garden of Eden
Richard G Fox

The Dreyfus Case of a Century on - Ten Lessons for Australia
The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG


Implied Assertions in Criminal Cases
C R Williams

Judicial Responses to Class Action Settlements That Provide No Benefits to Some Class Members
Vince Morabito

What Could Have Been? The Common Law Doctrine of Native Title in Land under Salt Water in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand
Jacinta Ruru

The Social, Political and Theoretical Context of Drug Courts
Clare Cappa

How Statutory Civil Liability Is Attributed to a Company: An Australian Perspective Focusing on Civil Liability for Insider Trading by Companies
Charles Zhen Qu

The Unexpected Enactment of New Treason Provisions: Can It Possibly Be Justifiable?
Nathaniel Y Khng

Book reviews

Robert Burrell and Allison Coleman, Copyright Expectations: The Digital Impact
Melissa de Zwart

Volume 32(2)


Concerning Judicial Method - Fifty Years On
The Hon Justice Kenneth M Hayne AC 


Sex, Drugs and ‘Evil' Souls: The Growing Reliance on Preventive Detention Regimes
Bernadette McSherry

Jurisdiction and Power: Habeas Corpus and the Federal Court
David Clark

United Nations Governance of Failed States: Proposing the Foundations of a Comprehensive Framework
Darren Lim

The Ostensible ‘Flexibilities' in TRIPS: Can Essential Pharmaceuticals be Excluded from Patentability in Public Health Crises?
Caroline Henckels

Anti-Doping and Human Rights in Sport: The Case of the AFL and The WADA Code
Paul Horvath

The Numerus Clausus Principle in Contemporary Australian Property Law
Brendan Edgeworth

Book reviews

Bobette Wolski with David Field and John Bahrij, Legal Skills: a Practical Guide for Students
Andrew Crockett and Damian Knowles