Submitting an article

The Monash University Law Review welcomes all submissions by authors in any area of current legal interest. Case commentaries, legislative commentaries, book reviews and law reform critiques are also welcome. Only manuscripts between 6,000 to 15,000 words in length (excluding footnotes) and with no more than 150 distinct sources will be accepted. The Monash University Law Review accepts submissions that are not currently under consideration by other journals and have not been previously published, in whole or in part, elsewhere.

Student assignments, theses and other papers written to satisfy the requirements of an undergraduate or Master's degree will only be considered if accompanied by at least two written recommendations from academic staff at the student's law faculty.

Refereed journal

The Monash University Law Review is a refereed journal. Articles, case commentaries, legislative comments and law reform critiques provisionally accepted by the Editors will be assessed by at least two independent referees.


All contributions should be word processed, double spaced, and on one side of the page only. Footnotes should be set out at the foot of each page. Contributions should conform to The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed, 2018). Furthermore, contributions should not include defamatory, offensive or privacy intrusive matter.

An abstract of not more than 200 words summarising the article should be included.

Submitting your article

Please submit two copies of any manuscript via e-mail to the Editors in a Microsoft Word compatible document.  One copy should have the author's name and position identified, and the other with the author's name and any author identification deleted.

Submissions for Volume 49(1) of 2022 are now open

Articles will be considered on a rolling basis. Submissions may be made at any time. Once a submission is accepted for publication and typeset, it is published in advance on our website, ahead of it appearing in print.

Ethics and malpractice

The Monash University Law Review requires authors, reviewers and editors to maintain high standards of ethical practice. By submitting an article to the Monash University Law Review, all authors agree to comply with the Ethics and Malpractice Statement.


The Monash University Law Review requires all authors to assign the copyright in their work to Monash University.

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