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The Digital Law Group is a broad-ranging group focused on the creation and promotion of research relating to all aspects of legal technology and the laws associated with technology.

We are based in the Faculty of Law at Monash University, but we are inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional. Our Fellows and Affiliates conduct cutting edge research across the wide ranging areas in which the DLG operates.

The aims and objectives of the Group are to:

  • Create and foster inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional research in the field of digital law (broadly construed);
  • Establish and maintain networks, connections, and collaborations between Group members;
  • Promote the research of Group members;
  • Achieve increased research impact for Group members;
  • Provide a source of research expertise in supporting further new research projects;
  • Create a collaborative community to foster, promote, and further early-career researchers;
  • Generate and develop a community of PhD research students working within digital law.

In order to achieve these objectives, we value a rich culture of communication and collaboration. This is not only reflected in the widely construed idea of what ‘digital law’ is, but also in the nature of our membership base that spans disciplines, institutions, and all levels of academic and research achievement.

We are particularly passionate about fostering the next generation of researchers in digital law. We have a number of specific projects for in which prospective PhD candidates may wish to apply. We are also keen to provide supervision for LLM candidate research.


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