Choose a supervisor

Monash Law Staff are available as supervisors for candidates and have expertise across a range of specialist law subjects. When selecting a supervisor, think about the nature of your research and the type of expert support you require.

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Role of a supervisor

Research degree candidates can expect their supervisor to:

1. provide guidance about the nature of research and about the standard of work expected in the thesis.

2. provide guidance about the organisation of the student’s research and writing program, eg. the order in which different aspects of the program should be undertaken, lines of inquiry to be pursued or when to begin writing-up your thesis.

3. ensure that the student understands the steps and procedures for discovering relevant source materials and can use appropriate finding-aids efficiently and effectively.

4. maintain regular contact with the student.

5. be available to the student at appropriate times, when advice may be needed.

6. give advice on the necessary completion dates of successive stages of the work so that the thesis may be submitted on the due date.

7. request drafts of sections of the thesis and to return drafts with constructive criticism and within a reasonable a timeframe.

8. ensure that the student is provided feedback about inadequate progress and standards of work, or other shortcomings, and suggests ways in which these things might be overcome.

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