Research projects

Research is central to every faculty at Monash and Monash Law is no exception. Here are some of the latest law research projects either underway, or recently completed, at Monash Law.

Designing World Class Venture Capital Programs Project

This comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional study examines, compares, contrasts and analyses a broad range of government programs that support innovation and venture capital investment. It’s funded by a three-year Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, and started in 2013.

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The Asia Pacific Forced Migration Connection (APFMC)

Launched in London in 2013, APFMC is a cluster network that has created a hub for Australian and Asia-Pacific research scholars considering the issues of refugee law, human trafficking, labour migration and other forced migration issues. Established under the leadership of Monash Law’s Professor  Susan  Kneebone,  it  is  supported by the Refugee Rights Network (RRN) Refugee Studies Centre, York University Canada.

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The Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) projects

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Criminal Records Checks and Employment Project

Having a job is considered an essential part of the rehabilitation of offenders. But with the increased demand for criminal record checks as part of pre-employment processes, it’s becoming more difficult for past offenders to gain employment.

This project aims to identify the current practices of employers in Australia, as they navigate risk management, privacy and anti-discrimination.

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