Paving the way towards market and healthcare impact

Why partner?

  • Access the Monash University ecosystem, resources and capability
  • Tap into one of Australia’s largest networks of technology-engaged clinicians
  • Collaborate with our world-class research expertise and medtech-relevant technology platforms
  • Secure students/researchers to work on your projects
  • Develop connections to aid in your commercialisation journey.

What we do

Clinician identifies unmet need
Problems and ideas presented to researchers
MIME advertises ideas and facilitates connections
Funding awarded to select projects
Innovative technology is built
MIME support towards commercialsation

MIME accelerates the discovery, creation and translation of innovative technologies that address unmet clinical needs, improve human health, and create new industries and jobs in MedTech.

MIME’s novel approach involves deep integration into vast clinical networks, to tap into and identify unmet clinical needs by doctors and allied health professionals in a way unparalleled in Australia.

MIME’s unique model and partnership with Monash Partners provides the pathway for industry to benefit from otherwise nearly inaccessible clinical networks, cutting edge technology and research platforms, as well as a large pipeline of innovative, early stage technologies developed based on clinician identified needs.

Since 2018, projects which were initially funded by MIME have in return been awarded over $20 million of further investment from diverse sources, through creating innovative devices and IT solutions.

Partnering with industry is central to ensuring our early stage technologies advance and realise their full impact.

Our impact

  • Enhancing the global competitiveness of Australia's MedTech industry

  • Improving outcomes of health and care

To discuss collaboration, contact Andrew Carey, MIME Program Manager on