Monash University is Australia’s leading university in medical engineering.

Our multidisciplinary teams of researchers, together with top clinicians in our partner hospitals, are creating innovative medical technologies for the heart, lung, brain and vision.

The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME), fosters and coordinates translational medtech research across Monash University faculties, partner hospitals and collaborating medical research institutions. Our clinician-led research programs focus on major clinical and health system needs, and integrate expertise from across engineering, IT, science, biomedical and clinical research to develop new devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, delivery systems and clinical tools.

Our two major clinical nodes are based at the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct and the Monash Health Translation Precinct, and our headquarters is in the New Horizons building on the Monash Clayton campus. We work in close partnership with industry and hospitals to accelerate the development of new technologies through development, trials, commercialisation and adoption.

Latest news

Monash University news

Mobile app to be developed to calculate risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes for women with gestational diabetes

Researchers from across Monash University and Monash Health are set to develop a mobile app to aid pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and their doctors, estimate their risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Program advances work on reducing blood stream infections

Monash University news

TuCann Medical, a medtech start up project of the Monash Young Medtech Innovators, is one of thirteen companies across Australia, Singapore and India to be recently accepted into the Medtech Actuator's 15-month accelerator program.

Seed funding sees advancements in wearable sensor technologies

The Monash NanoBionics lab, headed by Professor Wenlong Cheng, have been actively working on new innovations in wearable sensor technology.

Breakthrough blood test detects positive COVID-19 results in 20 minutes

World-first research by Monash University in Australia has been able to detect positive COVID-19 cases using blood samples in about 20 minutes, and identify whether someone has contracted the virus.

Monash University news

Healthcare efficiency: AI technology to reduce hospital readmissions

Monash University researchers are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand the cause of hospital readmissions, in turn improving health outcomes and reducing the financial burden on the health system.

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