Seed Funding

The MIME Seed Fund was established to accelerate the development of new medical technologies that address significant unmet clinical needs. The first round was launched in 2015 and was both competitive and successful. In 2021, we are now launching the sixth round of the MIME Seed Fund.

The 2021 round aims to continue building on the purpose of the previous rounds, which was designed to lay the foundations for the collaborative framework of MIME, by encouraging early clinician involvement in identifying areas of significant clinical need enabling our research to be directed to areas where it can deliver the greatest impact. Additionally, we are aiming to continue building and strengthening collaborative relationships between MNHS clinicians in Monash's partner hospitals and researchers in the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine, IT, Art Design and Architecture (MADA) as well as reaching out to researchers in other disciplines and partner organisations.

MIME also welcomes the support and funding contribution of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre.

Like previous rounds, there will be two stages to the application process: an initial call to clinicians to define areas of unmet clinical need (via an Affinity Meeting and application process), followed by an invitation to all Monash staff to respond with proposed solutions. All Monash staff are eligible to participate in the multidisciplinary ‘solution' teams. Researchers from MIME partner institutions are also invited to participate as members of the collaborative teams. Following on from the success of previous rounds, there will be up to $500,000 available in the 2021 funding round. Applicants may request up to $50,000 per project. The funding will be directed to projects that can achieve a meaningful outcome within 12-18 months, e.g. proof-of-concept data or initial prototype. The seed funding is aimed at progressing a project to the point that the research team is well positioned to then secure external funding from industry or grants to progress the next phase of the R&D.