Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS)

Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS)

HISS is a partnership between Monash Young MedTech Innovators (MYMI), Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) and Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre, to demonstrate the untapped student innovation ecosystem at Monash University and educate future innovators within healthcare.

The program connects clinicians who seek a technological solution to frontline health problems with high performing undergraduate and masters students from across Monash University motivated to develop new medical technologies.

Clinicians and students work together over 12 weeks to evaluate concepts for new technologies and create innovative proof-of-concept prototypes with potential for tangible real-world clinical outcomes.

The purpose of HISS is to connect students from across faculties and disciplines to evaluate concepts for new solutions and create proof-of-concepts for real world problems.

Student Applications Now Closed

Student applications for the Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) are now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

This program takes a cohort of students through a crash course in developing healthcare technology. Students will be connected with clinicians from the Monash Partners health network who seek a solution to a clinical problem. The students will receive a practical grounding in a range of advanced topics relevant to medical technology.

Time commitment will be approximately late November to mid-February, with an appropriate break during the Christmas and New Year period.

We welcome students from all faculties, not just those from the medical and technological sciences. For example, Business and Economics, Design, Arts and Law are most welcome. Students who are interested in completing a 'Final Year Project' (eg, Faculty of Engineering) are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Clinician Applications Now Closed

Clinician applications for the Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) are now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

This year’s program will differ slightly from previous to better assess and move ideas towards reality. The application phase has been brought forward, well in advance of the summer program. This will enable all clinician Clinical Champion applicants to receive a report on their proposed unmet clinical need, including a brief clinical literature review, business strategy and market assessment.

In addition to providing early, well-informed advice and feedback to clinicians, bringing forward the application process, and completion of application reviews will enable:

  • Selection of projects for the main summer program which have clear market potential
  • Prospective summer scholarship students will be able to select projects based on their interests and expertise
  • While it remains that we cannot guarantee all applicants will move to the HISS summer program, all projects which are selected for the summer program will be able to complete the entire program (rather than some projects dropping out part-way through)
  • All work during the summer program will be dedicated to prototyping your idea (rather than initial scoping and review work for half the program), and
  • Projects will be defined early, such that we have the opportunity to partner with our academic colleagues and their prospective 2024 final year students, to be able to create dedicated teams to work on your projects throughout 2024.

We strongly encourage you to recruit and include in your application, further clinical champions and/or members of your team to join the program, and name them in your proposal - this assists validation of the identified need, and increases capacity and capability for the students to engage with you to bring your unmet need and ideas to reality.


The Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships enable clinicians to:

  • Mentor and work with highly motivated interdisciplinary teams of students to validate tech-agnostic concepts or ideas to address a current unmet clinical need.
  • Identify routes for collaboration between Departments and Disciplines.
  • Learn about innovation and Health Centred Design in healthcare and how research can be translated into practice in real world settings. A key pillar of the HISS program is Human Centred Design and incorporating this process into medical technology, healthcare and biomedical innovation. This approach is modelled and adapted from methods pioneered by Stanford Biodesign, The Mayo Clinic, and the National Health Service.
  • Advocate for an unmet need within your own networks and lend your lived experiences to student researchers.
  • Collaborate with student teams in co-creating or ideating solutions.
  • Mentor and help student teams navigate the healthcare ecosystem.

Expectations and responsibilities

A Clinical Champion will provide sufficient supervision to the scholarship holder, particularly during the first four weeks, that allows them to fully understand the unmet clinical need and clinical context for the project’s application.

A weekly meeting with the student(s) in the first four weeks, and meeting once every two to three weeks for the remaining eight weeks (by video conference or in person).

The MYMI/HISS Academic Coordinator, Dr Jason Brenker and MIME Program Manager, Andrew Carey will be involved in these meetings (as is necessary and as scheduling allows) to provide direction and feedback.

Project funding awarded

Congratulations to Project Aeris and Project Rudolph who have received funding to progress their work following the 2021/22 HISS program. This will allow these projects to progress to the next stage of development, on their path to clinical impact.

Past projects

The HISS program was established in 2019/2020 and our various clinicians plus research project teams have helped create many new and different solutions to some of the healthcare industries biggest problems, as outlined below.




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