MSDI Evidence Review Service

  • Specialist team of review scientists

  • Government, industry, and NFP organisation clients

  • Based at Australia’s largest university

Our MSDI Evidence Review Service (ERS) will connect you to the best-available knowledge when you need it.

We are a specialist team of review scientists with a track record of projects with ‘real world’ relevance and impact. We’re established leaders in review science who have shared our knowledge in top-tier academic journals including The Lancet and Implementation Science; in public-facing outlets such as The Conversation and The Mandarin; and through regular media appearances.

We offer:

  • Desktop evidence reviews

    We specialise in rapid desktop evidence reviews (up to three months), as well as longer systematic and scoping reviews. All our reviews can be periodically updated and packaged into online citation libraries to stay up-to-date and reduce duplication of effort over time.We offer review expertise as part of larger research or other projects.

  • Qualitative practice reviews

    Discover what’s happening on the ground through one-on-one or small group interviews with people who have experience and/or expertise in the area. Our practice reviews enable insights into the intersection between research knowledge and local feasibility and acceptability.

  • Prioritisation and co-design

    Our specialist expertise in multi-stakeholder development and prioritisation of research questions, policy and other interventions informs our reviews. We can support you to methodically and transparently determine a course of action amongst competing priorities and limited budgets.

  • Teaching and training

    Learn from our knowledge, skills, and experience through tailor-made lectures, training programmes and executive education offerings.

What makes us different

We’re uniquely positioned to comprehensively access, interpret and translate research knowledge into practical, actionable insights, because we combine our review expertise with Monash’s extensive range of subscription research databases and access to relationships with researchers who have deep content-area knowledge across all major academic disciplines.

Our commitment to using evidence reviews to support lasting positive social change can be seen through the Social Systems Evidence platform. We collaborated with McMaster University, Canada to curate this open-access database indexing over 5,000 pre-appraised reviews against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as a broad range of government program and service areas.

Our approach

We help leaders make critical decisions based on the best-available research evidence from around the world.

  1. We take a client-centred approach to our work with and for governments, philanthropists, research funders, businesses, and service providers to gain a deep understanding of their context, knowledge needs, priorities and timeframes.
  2. We then harness our review expertise and the resources of Australia’s largest university, Monash University, to find, appraise and summarise relevant research.
  3. Finally, we develop and deliver bespoke information products appropriate to clients’ needs – be it infographics, written reports or audio/visual communications.

To read more about our client-centric approach to review question development, you can download our freely-available ‘review navigator’.

Examples of previous work

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