How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for admission into a graduate research degree and/or a graduate research scholarship in Faculty of Arts. Applicants must obtain an 'Invitation to Apply' by submitting an 'Expression of Interest' (EOI) before lodging a formal application. (See also information about available scholarships.)

Step 1 Check your eligibility

Step 2 Find a supervisor

Step 3 Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and receiving an assessment outcome

Step 4 Lodge a formal application

Step 1 Check your eligibility

Doctor of Philosophy

The minimum qualifications for admission to PhD candidature are:

  • a bachelor's degree requiring at least four years of full-time study in a relevant field, and which normally includes a research component in the fourth year, leading to an honours 1 or 2A in a relevant field;
  • a course leading to a  level rated by the relevant department, faculty and committee as equivalent to an honours 1 or 2A in a relevant field;
  • a master's degree that entails work, normally including a significant research component, including at least 25% of one full time equivalent  year of work, including a thesis. It is normally expected that a grade of honours 2A has been obtained for the research thesis or project. Where ungraded, examiners' reports will be taken into account; or
  • have qualifications  which in the opinion of GRC are deemed equivalent.

Practice-based PhDs (PhD in Translation Studies, PhD in Creative Writing and PhD in Theatre Performance).

The minimum qualifications for admission to these degrees are per standard entry requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, with qualifications to have been completed in the same research area of the proposed degree.

For more information, please refer to the Admission criteria in the Handbook.

Master of Arts

The minimum qualifications for admission to Masters by Research are:

  • a four-year Australian or New Zealand bachelor’s degree with an overall result of a minimum upper H2B (a mark of 65 or above) in an honours year (normally with a research component in the fourth year); or
  • an Australian or New Zealand master’s preliminary qualification with a significant research component and with an overall result of a minimum upper H2B (a mark of 65 or above); or
  • an Australian or New Zealand coursework master’s degree with a significant research component graded at a minimum upper H2B (a mark of 65 or above), and an overall result of upper H2B or above; or
  • an Australian or New Zealand research master’s degree with an overall result of a minimum upper H2B (a mark of 65 or above); or
  • qualifications or experience that GRC considers to be equivalent to, or a satisfactory substitute for, the above.

Joint PhDs

For information on the Joint degrees’admission requirements and process, please contact the Arts Graduate Research at

English language proficiency

Please refer to the Handbook for comprehensive information on English language requirements.

Step 2 Find a supervisor

There are two ways to find a supervisor:

  1. Explore the current research areas and supervisors within the Faculty:

    Supervisors can be viewed using the link below, and are listed in alphabetical order by surname, grouped under Arts Graduate Research Programs. Candidates also need to nominate the main Arts Graduate Research Program for their proposed research.

  2. Type your research interest(s) in the search box below, or if known, a researcher’s name.

This will allow you to find staff who specialise, supervise or publish in the areas you are interested in.


    Once you have found a researcher that you believe could supervise your project, send them an email which includes the information below:

    If a researcher indicates an interest in supervising your project, you can nominate this academic as a potential supervisor on your Expression of Interest form. Please note: in the Faculty of Arts, adjunct supervisors and Emeritus professors cannot take on new students as the Main supervisor.

    Please do not send bulk emails to a number of academics at one time. If you do not receive a response or if you need any guidance on the supervisor’s research area and expertise, you can contact the relevant Program Director.

    Please note that final allocation of supervisors is made based on the supervisors’ existing load, their current research availability and the suitability of their expertise to your proposed research topic. Correspondence with prospective supervisors does NOT guarantee a position in the course or allocation to the supervisor.

Step 3 Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and receiving  an assessment outcome

Completion of the Expression of Interest form is a key requirement of the application process. Please ensure you have the following supporting documentation ready for submission:

  • Complete academic transcripts
  • CV / Resume
  • Research proposal
  • English test results (if applicable)

Expression of Interest form

Applications for admission-only are accepted all year round. Expression of Interest for scholarship applications must be submitted to the Arts Graduate Research Office by the dates listed in the table below.


Applicant Type

EOIs Close*

Scholarship Applications Close



7 March

31 March



7 May

31 May



7 August

31 August



7 October

31 October

*Please note: EOIs can take up to 4 weeks to process. Any submitted after the closing dates will not be accepted for the relevant scholarship round.

Monash University will not consider applications that do not include an Invitation to Apply from the Faculty.

Candidates applying for research degrees at Monash University Malaysia must use this EOI form, and email it to Eswary Sivalingam at:


Meeting the minimum entrance requirements and having obtained the endorsement of a prospective supervisor do not guarantee selection. In determining whether applicants can be invited to apply, the selection committee will also consider your:

  • relevant prior research and/or professional experience
  • understanding of the research question to be explored
  • ability in academic writing
  • performance at an interview
  • motivation and capacity to complete the course in a timely manner
  • competitiveness for scholarship allocation
  • referee reports


  • the ability of the Faculty to provide the appropriate supervision, facilities and resources for your intended project. Please note: having an academic staff member indicate willingness to be your supervisor does not guarantee selection.

EOI outcome

EOIs can take up to 4 weeks to process. Applicants whose EOI is successful will then receive an 'Invitation to Apply' to make an application for admission. Please note, the 'Invitation to Apply' does not guarantee admission into the degree and will be subject to individual assessment via the application process.

If unsuccessful, applicants will receive feedback which may include an alternative pathway.

Step 4 Lodge a formal application

Once an Invitation to apply is issued, applicant can lodge the formal application online at:

To assist with your online application, please refer to the following: