Research and publications

The members of the Monash Crime Fiction Project have a substantial research and creative track record in crime fiction with major publications:


Barbara Pezzotti. "Montalbano creator Camilleri gave Sicily and crime fiction a new face", Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 2019.


Barbara Pezzotti. "The reasons behind Montalbano's success", SBS Italian, 19 July 2019.


King, Stewart. Crime Fiction from Spain: Murder in the Multinational State (Routledge, forthcoming 2019).
Pezzotti, Barbara. Investigating Italy's Past Through Historical Crime Fiction, Films, and TV Series: Murder in the Age of Chaos (Palgrave 2016).
Pezzotti, Barbara. Politics and Society in Italian Crime Fiction: An Historical Overview (McFarland 2014).
Pezzotti, Barbara. I luoghi del delitto. Una mappa del giallo italiano contemporaneo (goWare, 2014).
Pezzotti, Barbara. The Importance of Place in Contemporary Italian Crime Fiction: A Bloody Journey (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2012).

Edited collections and special issues of journals

King, Stewart, co-ed. The Cambridge Companion to World Crime Fiction (Cambridge University Press, in preparation).
King, Stewart, co-ed. The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction (Routledge, in preparation).
King, Stewart, co-ed. Criminal Moves: Modes of Mobility in Detective Fiction (Liverpool UP, forthcoming 2019).
Pezzotti, Barbara, co-ed. Blood on the Table: Essays on Food in International Crime Fiction (McFarland 2018).
Wilson, Eric, ed. “Southeast Asian Noir”, a special issue of International Journal of Indonesian Studies 5 (2018)
Barbara Pezzotti, co-ed. “Hybridity in giallo: the Fruitful Marriage between Italian Crime Fiction and Theatre, Literary Geographies, Historical and Literary Fiction”, Quaderni d’Italianistica 37, no. 1 (2016, published in 2017).
Barbara Pezzotti co-ed. “Place and Culture in Italian Crime Fiction.” The Australian Journal of Crime Fiction, 2, no. 1 (2016).
Pezzotti, Barbara, co-ed. Serial Crime Fiction: Dying for More (Palgrave 2015).
King, Stewart, co-ed. “The Global Crime Scene”, a special issue of Clues: A Journal of Detection (32.2 2014).
Pezzotti, Barbara, co-ed. The Foreign in International Crime Fiction: Transcultural Representations (Continuum 2012).
Uxó González, Carlos, ed. The Detective Fiction of Leonardo Padura Fuentes (Manchester Metropolitan UP, 2006).

For information on other publications, please see the following research profiles:
Jarrod Hayes
Stewart King
Barbara Pezzotti
Carlos Uxó González
Eric Wilson

Research income

King, Stewart, Research grant (€19,000) awarded by the Spanish Ministerio de Economía y Competetividad for a projected entitled “Víctimas y agresoras. Representaciones de la violencia en la narrativa criminal escrita por mujeres” [Victims and Agressors: Representations of Violence in Women’s Crime FIction] (Code: FEM2014-55057-P). Administered by the Universitat de Barcelona.

King, Stewart, BECA HISPANEX (€3,900) awarded by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y deporte to fund a book-length project entitled “A Thematic Approach to Spanish Crime Fiction.” Administered by Monash University.

King, Stewart, Research grant (€12,000) awarded by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Dirección General de investigación y gestión del Plan Nacional de I+D+i, Subprograma de proyectos de investigación fundamental no orientada for a project entitled “Mujeres y novela criminal en España (1975-2010): autoras, figuras de poder, víctimas y criminales” [Women and Crime Fiction in Spain (1975-2010): Authors, Figures of Authority, Victims and Criminals. (Code: FEM2011-22870). Administered by the Universitat de Barcelona.

Pezzotti, Barbara, grant ($21,000) awarded by the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies for a project entitled “Why Crime Fiction Matters” (2013-2016).