Our people

Monash is a national and international research leader in the field of crime fiction studies with five full-time academic staff actively researching and teaching crime fiction:

  • Prof. Jarrod Hayes
    French and Francophone crime fiction, queer crime fiction, and TV crime series (Arts, LLCL)
  • Dr Stewart King
    Spanish, Catalan, and world crime fiction (Arts, LLCL)
  • Dr Barbara Pezzotti
    Italian, New Zealand, international crime fiction and TV crime series (Arts, LLCL)
  • Dr Carlos Uxó
    Cuban crime fiction, authoritarian crime fiction (Arts, LLCL)
  • Dr Eric Wilson
    Literature and/in law, Indonesian, Malay and Caribbean crime fiction (Law)

The Project also includes two practising crime writers and scholars:

  • Dr Anna Jaquiery
    Author of The Lying Down Room and Death in the Rainy Season
  • Dr Angela Savage
    Director of Writers’ Victoria and author of Behind the Night Bazaar, The Half-Child and The Dying Beach.

International partners

PhD students