Day-to-day Management of the Centre

In February 1996 the first Director of the Centre, Ms Anne de Kretser, was appointed. Programs of the MJLEC are organised and run by the Director.

The Director engages in a wide range of activities:

  • Design and organisation of all programs and activities
  • Liaises with other curriculum and language educations bodies in all three states to ensure the delivery of relevant programs
  • Provides support and advice to teachers of Japanese, school and the general public
  • Oversees the distributing of scholarship monies
  • Produces the quarterly e-newsletter
  • Conducts regular professional development seminars
  • Oversees the development of the MJLEC Resource Centre

The Director works with the Advisory Committee. This committee consist of ten members, representatives from state, catholic and independent schools in Victoria, the Japanese language Teachers Association of Victoria, the Department of Japanese Studies and the Faculty of Education at Monash University.