MJLEC Resource Collection

The MJLEC Resource Collection is housed at the Matheson Library, Monash University, Clayton Campus and is regularly used by teachers and others interested in Japanese language education. It includes thousands of items and provides teachers with a breadth of resources previously unavailable in any single collection. The collection is continually being updated and expanded so that the quality and reliability of the information available to teachers and to students of Japanese remains up-to-date, with a wide range of materials related to teaching methodology and classroom activities. The collection is a comprehensive source that provides teachers with ideas and strategies both for curriculum development and for classroom use.

The Library is accessible at weekends and in the evenings, with trained staff available to assist teachers and to advise the Director on materials to be purchased. In addition, the Library already has a substantial collection of teaching materials in English and in Japanese which users of the MJLEC Resource Collection may access. The collection includes:

  1. Teaching resources for both teachers of primary and secondary school Japanese
  2. Reference materials on methodology and pedagogy for teachers of all levels
  3. Blackline master language materials
  4. Cultural and general knowledge reference books for teachers and students
  5. Language maintenance and reference books for teachers
  6. Multimedia items such as CD-Roms, videos, DVDs, CDs

More information is available from the Monash Library’s MJLEC Collection site.

To Become Eligible to Borrow From the MJLEC Resource Collection

Complete the application form
A letter will be sent to you by our office
Take the letter to the loans desk at the library
A borrowing card valid for a calendar year will be issued

MJLEC Resource Collection Opening Hours

MJLEC Resource Collection Postal Service

The MJLEC Resource Collection is now be available to all schools. The collection is quite substantial in size and we can now support the inclusion of interstate (SA & TAS) schools and country schools through a postal service.

Schools in Melbourne are also be able to use the service.

The collection which is managed by the Asian Studies Research Library staff and in particular, the Japanese librarian, Ms. Ayako Hatta, will work cooperatively with the MJLEC to collectively borrow and post out materials to schools.

Teachers can use the online catalogue to decide which materials they wish to borrow.

The selected materials (if available) will be packaged and sent to schools for a two week borrowing period.

The cost of postage to the school will be borne by the MJLEC the return post must be paid for by the borrowing school. Teachers are able to borrow, flashcards, printed and multi-media materials. Big books and posters cannot be borrowed. Teachers may only borrow 8 items at a time.

How it works??

1. Teachers look at the on-line catalogue [Tips for finding resources]

2. Teachers choose items relevant for their purpose

3. Teachers write the name of the item and call number on the borrowing form (rtf format | pdf format)

4. Teachers will fax the borrowing form to the MJLEC by Thursday 6pm

5. MJLEC will process all requests and forward to the Asian Studies Research Library for processing

6. MJLEC will pick up and post the items on Mondays

7. Borrowing period will be three weeks

8. Teachers will post the items back to the MJLEC

MJLEC will return the items to the library

This is a free service HOWEVER any items that are overdue will incur a cost which must be borne by the teacher.

How to find Materials

1. Go to http://library.monash.edu.au/

2. Type “MCJLE” in the search box

(You will find resources held in the MJLEC Collection)

3. Follow the prompts for searching using the catalogue you may only borrow items in the MJLEC Resource Collection.

* Maximum 8 items

We hope that you find this service useful and convenient.

We look forward to your feedback regarding it.

Complete the application form (rtf format | pdf format)
Return it to the MJLEC office. [ fax : 03 9905 3874]