MJLEC Resource Collection

The MJLEC Resource Collection is housed at the Matheson Library, Monash University, Clayton Campus and is regularly used by teachers and others interested in Japanese language education. It includes thousands of items and provides teachers with a breadth of resources previously unavailable in any single collection.

Kanji Learning Resource

Kanji Learning Resource MJLEC’s flashcard sets are uploaded onto and free for anyone to use.

Resources Available for Purchase

The MJLEC has produced some teaching and learning resources which are available for purchase.

FREE Resource

To assist teachers of senior secondary Japanese Second  Language Education courses we have summarised the past VCE examination papers and categorised all reading and listening scripts as well as writing topics, under themes and topics.  These will be useful as practice texts for class or homework activities but as they are publicly available please remember they cannot be used for assessment that contributes to the ATAR.