Realia boxes

The MJLEC has a collection of 12 realia boxes available for teachers to borrow for up to one month. The boxes provide teachers with cultural artefacts and lifestyle based objects that can be handled by students to give them a concrete understanding of each item. Each box has a theme to suit the topic that teachers might cover – ‘home’, ‘school’, ‘food’, ‘clothing’ amongst them – and provide a welcome resource to teachers trying to bring authenticity to the classroom.

To order, complete the application form (rtf formatpdf format) and return by mail to MJLEC.

Sumo Suits are not available

Boxes Currently Available

Box 1-1: Yukata (Primary) 
Box 1-2: Yukata (Secondary)
Box 2: Household and Living
Box 3: Festival
Box 4: School
Box 5: Toys