The Animations

The animations viewable on this page are here with permissions from the group to which they belong. If you wish to use these animations for public or commercial purposes, please contact Fred to find out who and how permissions can be sought:

Fred Leone, Project Manager Wunungu Awara

The Sea is Not Empty (2021)

'My Dad' A Poem by Uncle Jim Burg (2020)

Jim Berg is a Gunditjmara Elder from Framlingham Mission in the Western District of Victoria. Through his strong belief in his responsibilities to his Ancestors who have walked this Country since time  ... Read more

Mayapa U Budj Bim (2020)

​Mayapa U Budj Bim is the story of our spiritual ancestral creation beings in our traditional Dhauwurd Wurrung language. Budj Bim was recently made a World Heritage Listed site with UNESCO. Read more

Pittirrit (The Plover) (2019)

​Pittirit and his story is an important story that connects the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape through Dhauwurd Wurrung language for the continuing connection to Gunditjmara country from our ancient ancestors to our community today and into our future” said Damien Bell CEO of Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC.

The Spirit Men at Nalangkulurru (2019)

Animating country sometimes leads us to a deep understanding of the effects of colonial violence ... Read more

WAWIRRILU KARU WARRKUJ MANI (Kangaroo Stole our Brother) (2019)

Nganu and Tjilbruke: a tale of two heroes (2018)

Nganu and Tjilbruke: a tale of two heroes is based on Kaurna Nation knowledge and stories of Nganu and Tjilbruke. Two Dreaming heroes. The story has ... Read more

Wangilatha Wangu nga Kiyawatha (Singing Songs and Telling Stories) (2017)

Including English & Language subtitles. Read more

Welcome Baby to Country (2017)

​Welcome Baby to Country is a contemporary take on the traditional song for welcoming newborns into the community. It is composed by Aunty Beryl Carmichael of the Ngiyampaa people of western NSW, and is used annually at the Welcome Baby to Country ceremony held in Mildura.

Yagun Gulinj Wiinj (How Man Found Fire) (2016)

Yagun Gulinj Wiinj (How Man Found Fire) is the second animation produced by the Taungurung (Victoria) Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group.Yagun Gulinj Wiinj has been developed from an ... Read more

Winjara Wiganhanyin (Why We All Die) (2015)

Winjara Wiganhanyin (Why We All Die) is the first animation produced by the Taungurung (Victoria) Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group. Winjara Wiganhanyin has been developed from an amalgamation of ... Read more

Marlukarra Ngarrkadabawurr: Karnanganjanyi (Emu Hunters of Excellence) (2015)

Marlukarra Ngarrkadabawurr: Karnanganjanyi (Emu Hunters of Excellence) story speaks to Garrwa pride in the prowess of their ancestor’s hunting skills. Marlukarra Ngarrkadabawurr: Karnanganjanyi uses both ... Read more

Purdiwan (Pretty One) (2014) Garrwa country begins in the area of the Wearyan River crossing and extends eastwards through the Foelsche, Calvert and Robinson River to just over the ... Read more

Janyju the Red Lizard (2014)

​Janyju was a little boy who loved to play outside. One day he disobeyed his parents and continued to play during a storm getting struck by lightning which turned him into a red lizard.

Jibi the Giant Spirit Birds (2013)

​Jibi, the giant spirit birds travel in pairs. The sore though the night summer skies looking for young children. Mangala is the hot season time when children love to play under the light of the full moon. Parents keep a watchful eye for Jibi, making sure that their children lay on their stomachs, or Jibi will see them and carry them away.

The Groper (a-Kuridi) (2012)

This animation is told in the form of classic Yanyuwa Dreaming narration. The animation details the journey of the Groper (a-Kuridi) around South West Island. It ... Read more

The Sea Turtle and the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) (2011)

The Dreaming for the Sea Turtle & the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) belongs to the Wurdalia clan. The Osprey lands at Rrawali in the west and ... Read more

The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) (2010)

The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) is the second section of the Tiger Shark Dreaming song line of kujika. The first section is ... Read more

The Chicken Hawk and the Crow (Malarrkarrka kulu a-Wangka) (2009)

The Chick Hawk (Malarrkarrka) Dreaming belongs to the Wuyaliya clan and is the possessor of fire. The Crow (a-Wangka) Dreaming belongs to the Mambaliya clan ... Read more

Dugong Hunters (li-Maramaranja) (2009)

The Dugong Hunter Dreaming belongs to the Rrumburriya clan. Two Dugong Hunters named Jurruji and Jurrunga arrive at Wardirrila (White Craggy Island) to rest. They ... Read more

The Brolga (Kurdarrku) (2009)

The Brolga Dreaming belongs to the Mambaliya-Wawukarriya clan. This story tells of the Brolga coming into Yanyuwa country and creating lagoons, freshwater wells and putting ... Read more

Spirit People (Ngabaya) (2009)

The Spirit People Dreaming belongs to the Wurdaliya clan. The Spirit People have travelled a long way and they are exhausted. They blame their weariness ... Read more

The Tiger Shark (Ngurdungurdu) (2009)

The Tiger Shark (Ngurdungurdu) Dreaming belongs to the Rrumburriya clan. The Tiger Shark leaves his country at Dumbarra in present day Queensland carrying with him ... Read more

The Song of the Tiger Shark at Manankurra (Manankurra Kujika) (2008)

This song line of kujika belongs to the Rrumburriya clan; it is the first section of a song line that was put into the country ... Read more

Torres Strait Canoe 3D Animation Project 

The splendour of 19th century double outrigger canoes from Torres Strait, measuring up to 21m in length, is known only through European drawings and paintings. ... Read more